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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Podcast: China's Muslim detention camps

From the podcast: "China will say that it's not about a religion, and that it's about extremism thought, but then it will describe certain behaviors as "extremist" like, such as GOING TO THE MOSQUE, or PRAYING TOO MUCH or WEARING A VEIL the government had to set a live feed surveillance system all over the mosques in that county. So when you go into the mosques you have to register your ID card... One woman at the detention was there because she sent a HAPPY EID card..." Same thing happening in Sri Lanka now...use a "terrorist" operation to lockdown multitudes of Muslims...Engineering consent..

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Time To Stop The Madness

This is just an FB post I made a couple of days ago, explaining my disdain for the constant complaints from some in the Black community regarding not receiving recognition for certain awards or "achievements." In this case it concerns rapper Cardi B receiving the Grammy for Best Rap Album of the Year. I've spoken somewhat at length regarding my feelings towards these "award shows" at what they really mean. In my opinion it's time to move on from our emotional attachments with these so called "achievements", otherwise we'll continue to spin our collective wheels, and not make one bit of progress concerning true justice in this country.

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