Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Taste of His Own Medicine (Bill Cosby)

Peace all, know it's been a long time since actually posting a personal blog here, but I have my reasons. Amongst the hectic personal schedule I now find myself at somewhat a dilemna. Realizing that we have morphed into an image based society, mostly due to technological advances being heaped upon an unsuspecting mass of people, coupled with a fascination for celebrity status, I sometimes wonder if I should even continue with blogging, and opting more for vlogging and posting my vlogs on Youtube.

  But I'm digressing. Right now I want to briefly touch on an individual that I spoke on previously, that is Bill Cosby, or Dr. Bill Cosby, pardon my manners again. You can check out that blog by clicking HERE.

Seems that Dr. Bill now finds himself in a quandry, being the subject of multiple allegations of sexual abuse/assault by women as far back as during the early 80's, the latest being from a former model who claims that he sexually assaulted her. This is nothing new mind you, for those who remember another post where I shared a brief video by Nikki Giovanni who went on a tangient about Dr. Bill, who seemed to have taken this "tough love" stance as some would call it against poor Blacks, who he, along with other middle class and other Blacks who feel we've actually progressed feel that the issues befallen on poor Blacks are the result of their own "ineptitude", and attacking their mannerisms.

Well now Dr. Bill may be getting a taste of his own medicine, seeing that he finds himself in the midst of sexual assault claims coming from far and wide, and in the wake of the Ray Rice incident, feminism (White Feminism mind you.) finds itself leading the charge against these injustices. Now it is reported that Dr. Bill has lost endorsements, and even the new TV show slated to premiere next year on NBC, whom Bill, or Dr. Bill, has had an enduring relationship with this network, seeing that his 1984 hit The Cosby Show (which by the way was initially turned down by ABC) helped NBC maintain a long standing status as the top network on TV, before Seinfeld,  before Friends, and before the advent of the Fox, WB, and UPN networks (which WB and UPN combined and became the CW Network respectively.) Dr. Bill's success on NBC allowed him to even produce a spin-off from his original show, A Different World, which initially starred Lisa Bonet, who was reportedly released from The Cosby Show, after Dr. Bill's disenchantment of Lisa's behavior, especially in a role in the 1987 movie Angel Heart.

NBC was so grateful of Dr. Bill's contribution to their success, they even helped promote his 2007 literary piece on Meet The Press entitled Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors, a book co-written by his longtime "consultant" on The Cosby Show, Dr. Alvin Poussaint, who is a practicing psychiatrist. How's that for propaganda?   The book, along with his popular rants, peaking in the 2004 NAACP address, divided the lines in Black society between those who feel that Blacks have made strides, mainly due to the Civil Rights "victories" and those who sensed that structural racism still exists, disenfranchising many African Americans, and creating a permanent underclass of people with no recourse of action to either reclaim dignity or justice lost. Now with a person who identifies himself as a Black man in the White House, those voiceless people who felt the sting of the Black Bourgeoisie's tongue against them have even a harder time trying to convince their Black middle class compatriots that structural racism is still a hindrance to the advancement of Black people, coupled with the Black middle class' denial or cowardliness, and the recent killings of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford and others at the hand of vigilantes and rogue police, the future of Black America doesn't seem to be too bright.

Thanks for your contribution, Dr. Bill.

So my thoughts on the situation? Well, as Brother Malcolm (Al Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz) stated in reference to JFK's assassination, it's the results of "the chicken's coming home to roost". The climate that Dr. Bill created with his rants, which were backed by pundits in the so called "Black Press" and presented in the mainstream press as "news", along with his TV show, with his tap dancing around contemporary issues among Black people for fear of as he would put it "reinforcing stereotypes", polarized contemporary Black society, and helped to subside Whites' guilt about living in a society where Race determines social status and upward mobility. He has no remorse for the propaganda he and his partner-in-crime Dr. Poussaint spreaded, which in a book entitled Enlightened Racism: The Cosby Show, Audiences, and the Myth of the American Dream by Sut Jhally shows that results of the show did not actually introduce positive Black family models, but rather confirmed White's insistences that structural racism did not exist, and that Blacks' failure to achieve the American Dream were due to their own inability to "pull up their bootstraps". Now that the shoe seems to be on the other foot, I wonder if Dr. Bill will wake up and wise up?

As far as the allegations go, I don't comment on those, for all I know those are at this point merely "allegations". The biggest problem that I have with the allegations is that they have a tendency to destroy credibility of a person's position on important topics. While Dr. Bill did stress personal accountability and attacked the personal behavior of poor Blacks, his denial of the impact of structural racism and White Supremacy still remains the focal point of discussion, at least in my opinion. Guilty or not of the allegations, the propaganda of poor Blacks that shaped public opinion is what's worth discussing here because it's the same stuff that's pushed by the likes of Oprah, Obama, Charles Barkley, and any other Black person with more than five dollars in their pocket and a token position. Despite a constant barrage of evidence that would suggest otherwise, like multiple video footage of Blacks being killed with no recourse, and the rising discrimination suits that go unheard or unattended to, some of us still harbor this erroneous belief that these things are the result of Blacks' failure and inferiority. It is this that I wish to contend with, and not someone's apparent personal hypocrisy and shortcomings.

But I know some people are going to get their kicks out of these allegations and their impact on his reputation and future endeavors. And while it is tempting to throw egg in the man's face, I must stay focused on the real issues. The ones that affect all of us.

But in closing I have one more thing to say......HA!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Whatcha Up To Q?

Peace All... I'm working on a small blog about the Charles Barkley situation, but before I go into specifics about that subject, being that it's been such a long time that I've actually blogged about anything, let alone shown any of my artwork, I'd thought I send a smidgen of something that I'm working on right now. More later! Enjoy!

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