Saturday, May 29, 2010

America Continues To Eat Its Young....

Peace All......

This is one of my favorite interviews, coming from Dick Gregory, speaking about the harsh treatment of the youth that are into hip hop culture. I couldn't explain it any better. It exposes the cowardliness of those so called Black community leaders and parents who seem to have left the Black Youth in the lurch, to be eaten by this cannibalistic, dog eat dog system. It also gives us insight on what the Black Race is really trying to achieve, are we trying to achieve true justice, or just trying to get a piece of the pie?

Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) warned the people in his classic autobiography that the most dangerous person is the ghetto hustler, because of his image, which shows him as one defiant of all civic laws, while those who accuse and attack have yet to give any solutions rather than stand, sit, and sing songs that do nothing to remedy this vicious cycle. I have become a firm believer that evil does not exist as a result of its might, for evil has no true might, but where there is a lack of true righteousness and justice, evil will take root and spread. And this is something that starts with the heart, not with flimsy pieces of paper with so called laws that separates gender, race, class, nationalities and so forth.

This is also why I feel that a Black man as a President of the United States does nothing but give those who championed for "Civil Rights" more ammo to abandon these youth, by actually believing that this was some big momentous victory for the Black Race, and belittle the other movements that took a more aggressive stance to get freedom and justice. We seem to have forgotten terms like tokenism and how colonial powers used people of the oppressed to keep them oppressed, but that's another story altogether. I hope you enjoy. I sure did.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Although we are grown
And have learned to walk
We still trip, stumble and fall from time to time
Because we are human
The same with life itself
Although we know right from wrong
We still trip, stumble and fall

The goal is not to attain perfection
No one can attain the impossible
Foolish are those who dare try
But the goal is to purify the heart
Before the Inevitable

For as time passes
Life too shall pass
Nothing here on earth is eternal
This is just a brief stop on a journey back

So please while you are on shore
Do not become too enchanted with the glitter of this life
Partake in the sales, but do not let the bargains distract you
Do not become too involved with those who fraternize outside of the boat
The boat will be leaving very soon
And we will all be returning.

© 2010 Quwwa. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Peace y'all,

I want to take time out to just mention a Ning site that meant the world to me, and helped me to regain some of my confidence which was needed at a time when I went out to face the art game on my own. The name of the site was Give Your Walls Some Soul and it was headed by Shannon Grissom, an extraordinary artist in California that I had the pleasure to meet from another Ning site at the time, Iseecolor. Iseecolor was not the medium that I wanted, but at that time I knew of no other site that I could use to expose my art and rub elbows with other artists. There I met Shannon and we traded comments with each other until one day I received an invitation to join her personal Ning site. There I tried to contribute as much as I could and she would make me a feature artist regularly. I met another great artist Janet Vanderhoof on this site as well, but I also hooked up with a plethora of knowledge and advice that helped me emerge into another type of artist. She is responsible for reminding me of artistic license, and giving me the understanding of letting your feelings translate to your canvas. I am very saddened that her site along with others like it are closing down as a result of Nings' changes, but I fully understand her decision and others like it. Although I may use Facebook a lot in many instances, I have always loved the Ning sites, and the opportunities they posed as well. It was just something special about this site. I'm really going to miss it.

Love y'all. Take care.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Peace All...

Still recovering, but spirits are much better now...Becoming more focused, still need vacation(don't we all?), but at least now I can concentrate on some things. I have a possible show lined up, and I will fill you in on the details later, however this show includes a slide show with pictures, aimed mainly at the homeless. I was asked if I wanted to contribute....Think I would refuse? This could be something that could take my art to, as they say on Mad TV, a whole nuva levul.....LOL....I'll will keep you abreast of the details, but until then check this video out. It's interesting. I would like to put on an art exhibit similar to this...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Lil R and R

Peace all,

Taking a small break, but I wanted to share a special poem by a group called Twin Poets called Dreams are Illegal in the Ghetto....Take a listen!

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