Friday, April 24, 2009

Can't Run.....So DON'T!!!

Peace Y'all

Yo Quwwa, what's up? You look pizzissed! I am. How pissed? We'll as Comedian Robin Harris used to say, pissed to the highest of pisstivity(lol)!

Tell me bout it.

Okay. Recently I was invited to another Ning site that was created from someone that was a friend on my Iseecolor site. I thought to myself that this was another opportunity to expose my art and get my voice out there. The person had commented on my blogs and gave me the impression that they dug my steelo.

Well last night I decided to get to work on my page, and posted one picture I entitled Down N Out. No sooner as I posted the picture, I received an email from this person telling me to "keep it positive". Now I can admit I can be of one who jump to conclusions(after all I am human) but it bugs me that people's first impression of my work is "depressing" as if I'm trying to dampen people's spirits or something. I guess people are really falling for this "change you can believe in" jazz.

For the record, my work is a simple reminder of those who fell through the cracks of this life, filled with materialism, and the enticing of the base desires of the human being. One should not be so obsessed with obtaining all the toys in this life, for death is imminent. One should strive for that which pleases God. We all know(or should know) that for most of us this life is filled with tests, hardships and pain. I have experienced this in a concentrated form for the past 7 years, but through it all(thank God) I feel that I have perservered.

In January one my Ning sites asked a question about the impact of having a "black president" would bring. Most of the responses from Blacks were that of "it gives the world a chance to see that we can be CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and big businesses" in other words, we get a chance to show America that we are not all "thugs and welfare queens" and such.

I don't have to prove anything to this world about my worth as a God created human being. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself. That I would take the talents He(Al-Khaliq) has given me and use my voice for His bidding.

It is with that in mind that I focus alot of my work on downtrodden and oppressed people. While we sit and idolize the Fortune 500 companies, we simply turn our heads and ignore the Unfortunate Millions that are victims of this Criminal Economy and these Global Gangsters. I try to illuminate them. Give them the honor they deserve.

Through negativity one should try to strive for that which is "positive" but the key here is what is one's definition of positive? I don't believe the love of money is the root of all evil, but I don't believe that having alot of money is "positive" either, especially when those who possess it are bombarded with personal problems that money cannot cure. Take a look at your favorite entertainer, sports personality, or politician and see what I mean.

I try to maintain a balance where alot of people wish to "escape" that which is apparent. I don't mind painting landscapes, still life and such, but in the end, what have I done if that's all that I paint? No offense to those who paint these objects at all.

Let us begin to face our problems head on, whether personal, social or spiritual. I guarantee you the feeling of liberation is great. Beside I have never heard of a toeache or a toothache going away by ignoring it, have you?

Take care everybody...LUV YA!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


"The Victory is almost here, it's like we oh so near, but the object is to show no fear."

Peace yo,

That's a line from a song written by Craig G and KRS ONE. But for me I would definitely count this past weekend as a victory. Why you ask? This past weekend I submitted five works to a juried exhibition to be held this August. The results will be made May 15th. I am nervous but excited. The reason why I counted this as a victory is because this same time last year I made excuses as to why I did not submit anything. I knew the event was coming but procrastination and maybe even fear prevented me from exposing my art.

But this year was much different. I guess I can call it a sense of urgency. To tell the truth I am bushed from all of the work, but I feel as if I am running on pure adrenaline now, no energy drinks(yay for me) and no caffeine, just pure excitement. I had planned to put some of my older works in the package, but I felt it would make me look one dimensional as a lot of my older works deal with the homeless. These two pictures included in this blog are an attempt to attain a little more diversity as they deal with emotions. I have others in the works but these came to mind. The first piece I called "This feeling" and the second is called "Always something" Both were completed in the course of two days. Yes y'all, I works hard and fast when it comes to my expression. Not much time is spent which is fine with me, I like minimalism. That explains me, nothing fancy, just a subject and predicate(lol)

I was very nervous, and forgot to include contact information and a resume(as if I have one to begin with) with my package but the director gave me a card with contact information and assured me that a resume is only referential, and this exhibition's primary purpose is to gain exposure for new and up and coming artist. YEAH!!! That fits me to a tea!!! I only have GOD to thank for this, for giving me the courage to even go and make an attempt. I realize that all He asks for is to make the attempt,to show your sincerity, and He will do the rest. I am a firm believer in that.

BTW, My sister left the hospital this past Tuesday, and I went to visit her Friday. She is doing better by the moment.My prayers are with her to get back in the classroom and do her thang, as she is a teacher who helps young single mothers obtain their high school diploma. My mom informed me some of the students came to visit her and told her they did not go back to class after she left. My sister in her limited speech told them to go back. She has really inspired them and her strength inspires me too.

Thanks to all of the well wishers and new followers of my blog. You do not know how much I love you for your prayers and encouragement.

Love you and take care y'all, we are just getting started up in here!!!

Now it's time to go to SLEEP!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Cool Poetry....

Peace Yo.

It's 2:35am, yeah that's right AM NOT PM(lol)

I'm about to crash, just finished working on a small piece, very interesting me thinks.

Anywho, I have a blog coming up, but I saw this on one of my NING sites, and thought I'd share it with you. It's a nice poem by Kirk Nugent entitled 21st Century Slave.

Catch Ya Later, and oh yeah, MUCHO LUV for the well wishes for my sister. She is getting better, thank GOD. Take Care.

Find more videos like this on iseecolor

Friday, April 10, 2009


Peace Yo!!

Check the clock. 8:56pm. Whatcha doing? Blogging, what it look like(lol)? Thought you were gonna lay off for the rest of the week? I was, but I went to check on my sister today, and it was very inspiring to see her sitting up in her bed, smiling as more loved ones came to visit her.

Oh, my bad, for those who don't know(like those on Blogger(lol) this past week I was rocked hard when I received news that my sister suffered a stroke. This past Tuesday my sister was not feeling very good, but no one knew what was going on at the school where she worked. They knew her as a cheerful person who spoke to everyone, but even her students complained to other faculty that something was wrong with her. People came to try to speak with her, but she would not respond. In the middle of the day, she just got up and left the job. She drove home, which is a 30-35 minute drive from Richardson to her house. While driving home she called my mom, but could not say anything, but make grunting noises. When my mom told me this, all I could do is praise GOD for only His protection(Al Hafidh)preserved her from being found somewhere in another city, not having a clue of what happened.

When she got home her daughters(my nieces) thought nothing of it, but when she sat down, they knew something was wrong because she said nothing and began to look at the house as if she did not know why she came there. One of my nieces began crying when she asked my sister if she knew who she was, in which there was no response.

The day after they admitted her, I came to see her, and all she could do was nod her head and say yes. I told her I loved her, and she just nodded and said yes. She tried to say I love you, but she could not say it , so I told her I know. I went back to my mom and immediately began crying. My mom said that if she said yes to you, that was progress.

I went to see her today and was happy to see her smiling, as one of her friends was combing her hair. She is still having a hard time putting words and sentences together, but she is a fighter. Always been. Through being a single mom with two kids and absolutely no help from a sorry a** ex-husband who wouldn't take care of his own seed.

We have that kind of bond that makes me ask her if she or the kids need anything, and make sure that they do not have need. She is not poor or anything, but I was raised to make sure the womenfolk in my family had no need for anything. I carry that now more than ever, as my father passed in 2004.

I did this picture for her about 2 years ago. I can't even make prints for this, she won't let me(talk about copyrights(lol) but it's cool. I'm reminded of her when I see this picture.

Take care y'all, and thanx to all of those who joined my blog, sent well wishes as well as my dear Sister in the Arts Shannon Grissom, who continues to show her generosity and love and appreciation for the arts. This week I am a featured member on Give Your Walls Some Soul. This is another site that I enjoy being a part of. More on this later. Love Ya!!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Can't keep a good man down.....

Peace yo!!!!

Check the watch, 4:14pm. Watcha doing? Brainstorming. Bout what? Lotta Stuff. Stuff like what? Oh the usual, life, art, art, life, Fish, oops sorry, kinda hungry(lol)

Anyways, things are picking up here at the lab, especially since hitting up the Give Your Wall Some Soul site. Picked up a few friends along the way, fantastic works abound. Jumped in the middle of some deeped out conversations, even revealed a little scooch about myself. Really picked up the spirits and rejuvenated me. So now I sitting here with some Craig Mack jackin' up the eardrums. Jockin' MY STYYLLLE BOOOOYYYYEEEE HAAAH!!!

Got some things planned this weekend. Got my airbrush back this weekend, and now I have a heat's gone be hot up in here this weekend. Got some deeped out blogs on the way too, but I put them on the backburner cause I'm kinda bugging over this natural buzz I'm on now.

It was very much needed. These past weeks were torture on my mental, and I am the first to admit that I can experience some spats of depression. I don't reveal much about myself except those around my personal huddle(which seems to decrease as time goes on), but one thing I don't do is fake it up with people. I smile so much most of the time most people never know if something is going on with me, but I learned as I get older to be honest with myself and others. So now when people ask me if I'm ok I'll tell them straight up "NO" but it goes no further that. Take this past Tuesday, my co-worker ask me how was I doing, I told him, I'm okay. He figured something was wrong with me, in which it was, but I knew that problems I had he could not help me out with, so I just told him I'm okay, but after I told him that I felt better. At my age for me to sit here and fake a smile while my inner is going outer, or should I say my actions are obviously contradicting my statements is ridiculous. Face your problems head on, I guarantee you your life will be so fulfilling and drug-free, and you will have mucho energy you won't be able to sit still. Like me, JOCKIN' MY STYYYYYLLE BOOYYYEEEE HAAAA! sorry, but this is bangin.

It's ok to be sad sometimes and even depressed, and those who have not experienced these emotions have not lived long enough. It's not whether you become sad, down on yourself or depressed, but like my friend MS. BIZZY says how do you deal with it? Will you deal with it? But just remember life goes on, get back in there and slug it out and make sure God is in your corner. And listen to His Coaching for a change. He(Al-Aleem) knows what He's talking about.


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