Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I've Gotten Myself Into(See What I See)

Peace All,

Just dropping by in my usual weekly fashion, still overwhelmed over events that occurred recently regarding the See What I See Art Exhibit next Saturday. I spoke with a few of the librarians and let them see the website, and there was great enthusiasm in the air, so much so that this exhibit looks like it could expand into multiple libraries around the Dallas area. Just what I really wanted, I mean I definitely wanted my area to be a launching spot, but to have it possibly hit multiple areas is something only Allah planned, and I hope I can deliver the goods.

But I can tell you one thing, from what I am working on right at this moment, it could be something real eye-opening, God Willing.

The only setback is the inability to create a video of the event due to circumstances beyond my control, however that's small potatoes here, nothing to really trip over ya know? I mean where there is purpose there is a will and where there is a will there is a way, right? There's more than one way to broadcast this exhibit....I'll let you know when I find out what it is....LOL....

In the meantime CWATIC @ YA!!!! PEACE

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mind Blowin!!!

Peace all,

Working on this exhibit coming up in the next two weeks, and things are suddenly going top speed for me, I need my ice cream to slow down the pace... LOL

Anyway, the See What I See Art Exhibit is set and I am pumped to say the least. I would never thought that I would be actually promoting my own art exhibit, I usually keep events about myself on the hush hush, one for fear of ...oh many things...confidence is not on my list of strong points, that is until I've become comfortable with the situation. I think I've settled down from the excitement now.

At least that was until yesterday when the librarian posted the flyer she created on the entrance doors and the walls of the library...Then it really hit me when I saw my name on the flyer...Then I really started bugging...not egotistical rapper like, but buggin'...It was a little too much for me.

Then while surfing through the net I ran into one of my Facebook friends who lives not too far from me, who wants to contribute some sounds for the exhibit, to mix with some of the messages I wish to relay to the audience. That really geeked me up.

Then, in an act I can only say was God's Decree, I happened to come back to the library, only to find a gentlemen who noticed my constant presence in the library using the internet and such. Well we spoke about constructing websites, and I showed him my site and explained what my agenda is, which somehow, again saying it was the Decree of Allah, we happened to share the same vision. Well, needless to say, we exchanged numbers and he called me with details that I can give away, but this thing can go a looooong way, God Willing.

Then I received a reply from my good friend Tania Maria Xavier of ColoredPeople.Net and DaughterNature.Com, approving the exhibiting of one the paintings on her beautiful gallery. I try my best to never forget those who Allah put in my path, and she along with others play a huge role in Quwwa. All I can say is thanks to all who contributed, will contribute in any fashion. I am grateful for every effort, and can only pray this gets better.

All Praise is Due only to Allah, and the mistakes are mine. PEACE

Love Ya....It's just keeps getting better. Come See What I See @

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something to Believe In....(See What I See)

Peace all,

Well the anxiety is over now, well at I will say a part of the anxiety is over, thank God!!!


Well the art exhibit was approved today by my local library, after what I thought would be just another rejection. I'm beginning to think maybe this is what Allah(God)had in store all alone, I just had to realize it. I keep going back to the failed attempt to make it to The Lost Ones exhibit in August of 2010 with my Facebook friend and fellow artist Joanna Ballard. Trying so hard to find a way there to present the work after losing my car, it really put a dent in my get up and go. Kinda felt like chucking it all in.


Yeah but it was close...I mean other attempts seemed to have come up short, trying to get into different arenas to showcase my art and bring forth another message. But in reality I didn't want to go the common route anyway, trying to get into their galleries...At least not on their terms anyway. Too many are immersed in the sale of art, and not what it represents and the impact it can have on many sectors of society.


No, that's not the plan here. The plan is more than that. It's about giving back to my community and showing different aspects and areas of visual art. It's about giving people who have been overlooked and flat out ignored a chance to speak. I represent those people and therefore it's time that other side got a chance to hear from one of the many.


It's called See What I See

HMMM Interesting...

Ain't it always? LOL


Slated for October 29th, 2010...


Now if I told you that where would the surprise be? More on that later....

Peace out...Love Ya....CWATIC @

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