Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stunting the Creative Process....

Peace all,

Lot of events happened the past week, most of them having to deal with I have a few things on tap, good friends of mine wanting to do a spotlight on me, and I just got word of an upcoming show from another friend of mine who also happened to dig my poetry as well. We got some things cooking up, and as soon as everything has been made more concrete you will get the scoop...

Talking with a good artistic friend of mine last week she mentioned that she now understands where I'm coming from when I mention how stress and sickness can stunt the creative process...Sickness not being the main focus here, but how stress from everyday things hinder creativity. Many times in the past I've made very crude statements about my job(especially on most were funny and jokingly, but in reality it is frustrating when dealing with situations that you really have no control over, and it affects the creative process. The madness continues as the jerk in charge continues to make moves and come up with formulas that put the employees in stressful situations, and most of all tries to keep his stature with the upper execs on a good level. Moreso he tries to psyche the people into buying his theories, which all fall flat on his face, only to find this arrogant idiot pointing the finger at the employees and not at himself. He keeps re emphasizing on who wants to work here and who doesn't, but it's not the case, the real issue is how people are making the workplace a living nightmare...

Yeah I know you're saying "just find another job!" but think about it, isn't this a recurring theme in most jobs today? Why jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Some of my friends say quit looking at the glass as half empty and start looking at it as half full....I have.....but I have to say that the water in this half full glass is quickly HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

In the end my art has suffered tremendously. Coming home and having to change modes is a very hard task, especially when there are other factors involved. I pray for the day when my priorities and passions will one day mesh, instead of being two totally separate entities. It's really beginning to take its toll on me.

But through it all..... Believe and Keep smiling....Take care all, Love Ya

Here's something that made me smile today....Old Skool Ditty..Makes me wanna go soak up some good Asian culture..All I have to go on now is going to the Asian stores to buy some cuisine....Love it...but want more(smile)

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