Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Grain of Hope

If I sat back and looked at my past
I might be ready to end my life
nothing but pain and struggle
The brief glimpses of happiness are too far and in between
really makes you consider leaving the whole scene

memories of watching bad examples of men
beating on the ones they claim to love
drowning their pain in nasty drinks made with grain
covering up their intelligence and exposing their shamelessness in broad daylight
sometimes I wonder if I was a woman would I believe all men are dogs too, however
many situations have they misconstrued as well
teasing and tempting and turning down those who could love them
to be with those who flash measly pieces of printed paper
makes me want to shoot the ones who sang money can't buy me love
cause I see different

and even worse bad examples of human beings
taking advantage of the poor just to accumulate more and more and more
claiming spirituality but show more compassion to dogs
embellishing and decorating the graves of the wicked and corrupt
not even thinking about the people inside who can't see the glitter
and hear the praises
because all of them are back to dust
and their filthy souls are getting a taste of the eternal punishment
just a taste
just a taste

and I look back at myself
and I see all that I see and ask is there really hope for me
especially when man is spiralling downwardly?
being this soul
that wants to do right
but surrounded by corruption
people blurring the absolute
and worshipping the relative
just to justify their wrongdoing

this weak soul
who just a couple of years ago did not use profanity
now I feel more profane sometimes
than the words I utter...

Is there really hope for me?
Is there someway I can release this guilt?
Am I exaggerating?

© Quwwa 2010...All rights reserved


  1. Hello.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog,I just left you a comment there as well.I'm sorry to of really been missing in action here on Blogger,but I have a new blog that has been getting a lot of feedback lately.At any rate,it is always wonderful to visit here and read your newest pieces of poetry.

    In this particular poem,I like many elements.The extension of the lines leave space for the best rhythm,and the simplicity of the language is also used effectively.I seem to have difficulty with the beginnings of poems,but right away with your two opening lines,the reader is grounded in the possibilities that the poem later fully realizes.The topic of reflection is always an interesting one,and you seem to weigh a powerful balance between past and current time.

    Thanks for sharing,hope to read more soon.

    Much love,


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