Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Wouldn't Understand

Peace all,

Here at the lab working on the pictures from the upcoming art exhibit in Shreveport, LA this coming August. I have made great progress(thank God) and things are going full swing. I am in the process of making 8-9 original works along with 3-4 prints of previous works. I am very excited about this possibility to call to attention the ills of the society as well gain exposure about my art, and maybe make some money in the process. I have been bouncing around like a pinball, hitting different areas, some people don't get it, thinking this works against me, however I assure you it works in my best interest. It's great to concentrate solely on one piece, but what happens when you run out of ideas or hit that fork in the road on a particular piece? In my case i pull up another piece and get to work, never stopping for just one piece.

Speaking with my friend and fellow artist today she revealed a sad case wherein her parents have basically given her the boot due to her insistence of working on her passion instead securing a "real job"... I ask you, especially in today's world, what the feezy is a "real job"? Is it one of these jobs that you feel safe in knowing you have a paycheck every two weeks, although you are still unable to cover the costs of living? A job where in the bulk of the people working are also struggling with some type of vice or addiction that crept up on them as a result of trying to deal with the stress of overwork and underpaid? Disrespected? Don't people realize that the days of working for these plantations for 20 years, collecting pension, social security and profit sharing are now OVER? That they don't give a fick about you and your family's well being anymore?

Do they not think that independent artists have what it takes to succeed artistically and still make ends meet? Do they not know all of the avenues that are available to artists to express their true talent as well as make profit? Have we lost touch with what's going on in the world so much that we have given these slavemaster corporations the idea that we can't live without them? I grew up being taught that I could not live without God, now it seems we have allocated power to human beings that they do not deserve. They cannot create, produce, provide for anything here, and they too will die, so subjecting myself to them is not only wrong, but foolish. All that you see as a result of their doings (for many of them misdeeds is more like it) is really an illusion that has no foundation in truth. Truth will prevail.

I have reserved May 23, 2010 as a day I call my Independence Day, and I have no wish to go back. My attitude is now "I can work with you, but I can't work for you!"

Take care all, love you...Peace

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