Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Peace all, and belated Eid Mubarak to the Muslims coming from the fasting of the month of Ramadhan. May Allah accept our fasting and deeds done for His Sake.

A very interesting Ramadhan and come and gone once again, filled with many lessons learned and very interesting concepts reflected upon. All in all, it was a very enlightning and uplifting experience. I pray I am able to see and experience another blessed Ramadhan again, there is nothing like the experience.

Keeping oneself focused was the task at hand, I mean imagine me walking constantly through the scorching Texas heat, not having eaten anything substantial in the last few hours, to go to the library and type out a passage or two reflecting on issues very few people ever contemplate over, only to write them on a Facebook book page with only 28 friends that subscribed to, and not even all of them read my writings. But again, mass appeal is not the object. But it does take focus, focus that even I didn't think I had...LOL...But where there is a purpose there is a will. I leave Ramadhan now with even more focus, and still thinking of more writings to fill up my Reflections page. I feel like I've only just begun.

But now I also have to turn my attention to my proposed Art Exhibit entitled Down Here on the Ground, and gear up for that event now. I've sent the proposal for space and I am awaiting a response. I've been looking through several pictures and trying to come up with different ideas to create. Right now I am on a mixed media and collage binge, looking for that right connection or that right energy. This looks to be very exciting, although I still lack many resources to pull this exhibit off. I set the date so I can have some kind of tangible deadline to make my self work and not procrastinate, which happens to be a great friend of

But throught it all, I keep pushing, hoping for something to come along that will give me that much needed boost. I guess I am just nervous due to the fact that about what happened last year, I don't think I can take anymore letdowns. Confidence does wane, especially after recurring instances....I pray this is not the case.

Take care.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boyz n the hood Compton Scene

Salaams all, wrapping up the last days of Ramadhan, will give more info on the exhibit, God Willing, but the proposal has been sent, and after Ramadhan we're gonna get busy...Give you a hint though....Dealing with this issue. Peace.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taking it Slowly....

Peace all...

It's been a couple of weeks since blogging and seeming to be so excited about a possible art exhibit. Well the enthusiasm is still there, but it's been tapered a little bit because of two factors:

The first is this heat, with sweltering temperatures in the 100s for the past couple of weeks. Thank God we finally received a little rain, which was enough to provide some shade for a change. These past few weeks have been murder on me due to the fact that I'm walking to the library, which for only God knows, opens in the middle of the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So imagine me walking to the library, looking for paths of shade on the sidewalks because when the sun is in the middle of the sky, roads are not going to provide shades from trees. Thursdays thru Saturdays are not too bad, but this rain or just this one day without the sun beaming on me was badly needed. Thank you Allah.

The second thing is the month of fasting, or Ramadhan. This is my first Ramadhan in the summer months, fasting from the break of dawn to sunset. I've fasted before in the summertime, but never on a consistent basis, and compound this constant walking in this heat, it has sapped my energy and fatigue can set it as well. I am trying my best to complete this proposal, but being drained and fatigued has set a delay in presenting my proposal. But hopefully I will present it this upcoming week, God Willing. I will keep you updated, I'm looking toward holding the exhibit between September 24th and October 1st. That will give me more time to recollect my thoughts and re energize. Plus it gives me time to move about with my camera and develop a video to present as well. I've contacted some friends who have asked to help construct the video, which is just dandy for me. Helps me to concentrate on some other things.

Anyways, I will keep you posted on this event, and I will talk about it in upcoming blogs, and also will include details on a non-profit organization, run by a good fried of mine. In the meantime, to my Muslim family, May Allah accept our deeds and fasting for His Sake....Ameen

To the rest of the world....Look out....LOL


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