Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bustin' Out!!!

Peace all,

Well, the website is coming along fine, still have to open up my Lifestyles of the Ignored gallery, but hopefully will do so by this weekend...And stay tuned for a chance to win an original painting from the artist himself!!! In the meantime take a look at the site out the items for sale, more on the way...Yeah it may be a shameless plug, but

More blogs on the way...Peace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Letting it GO! Again...

Peace all,

It's uhhruh...let's see here...12:50pm, and I am still trying to launch my website, nerves are really getting the best of me...I need a serious vacation from all of this...

Last week while walking from the store I was attacked by two pit bulls, who jumped out of the owners house. I was startled because I was in the middle of the street, was not agitating them. Minding my own business, yet I was jumped. Bitten in both the calf and thigh...went to the doctor's office and was asked if I was ever checked for hypertension, in which I told them no, and was informed that my blood pressure was at stroke level, and I needed a physical right away, which means more money to be diagnosed with a disease, which means more money that I don't have to buy blood pressure medicine, which will actually cause more stress and distress than initially intended...Every little thing is irritating me now, but I saw this coming a long time ago, from dealings as a customer service representative. The only difference is now I am not working, so that's not an excuse anymore but I can definitely say the stress has lingered, and so has the depression...I'm trying my best to let it go...

Peace all...Love you...

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