Friday, December 11, 2015

Bamboozled: Spike Lee and the Case of Bad Timing... Part One

Yep...Spike, you've done it again.

You've continually managed to somehow stir up some type of controversy surrounding your releasing of new movies. This time it's packaged in the satirical movie entitled Chiraq. Drama and hype never ceases to be too far behind when your movies hit theaters, not the type of drama that would have some afraid to go see the movie out of fear that violence would erupt, such as some had suspected when the movie Do The Right Thing premiered. I saw the special edition DVD, which contained interviews at the Cannes Film Festival. I saw the "concern" of some Whites, especially the White woman who asked why did you show Malcolm X's statements about using violence to defend oneself when attacked first, as opposed to Dr. King's call for nonviolence. I think you handled that question in excellent fashion.

But in this movie Chiraq, I am forced to voice my concern and confusion over the approach of this film. This film is supposed to be a "satire", which the average homie or street dude on the corner may not fully understand what's going on. But I understand fully.

See, I am a Muslim, and I'm ever-watchful of the backlash against Muslims due to propaganda, especially the "events" that took place in France over the Charlie Hebdo issue, as well as the shootings in Garland, Texas, which supposedly took place over a Prophet Muhammad cartoon drawing contest, which was mysteriously devised by Pam Gellar and Geert Wilders, two non-Muslims who are notorious for stirring up anti-Muslim sentiments, and hiding them under pseudonyms of "free-speech" or in the case of Charlie Hebdo "satire". I am fully aware that satire is used to ridicule a particular individual, group, institution, or belief, using slick humor. I'm also aware that it is used as a form of subversion in an attempt to bring down such entities and ideologies.

Which is why I'm very confused as to why would you take this approach in addressing the violence in Chicago, especially in lieu of the proliferation of the Black feminist movement, and their "gynocentric" view of the world, which renders man, especially Black men in this case, as inept, belligerent, incompetent beings who only understands violence, sex, and money, having very little or no intellect at all, and proving incapable of having any positive impact in society, whether from a societal, or familial point of view.

The idea of using an old Greek comedy of women banning the coochie in order to increase the peace among warring factions is befuddling to say the least.  In this case of Chiraq, you are using women, whom for some strange reason are "empowered" to withhold sex from their combative significants as some sort of protest without asking the question why would such "intelligent" soul sistas would even skooch the coochie to such men who harbor self-destructive behavior in the first place is perplexing! Talk about paradoxical!


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