Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Speakin' On It(State of the Union)

Peace all, wanted to bring something a little different this time, it's Davey D's Hard Knock Radio show, featuring members of the Hip Hop Generation speaking on Obama's state of the union address...Pretty interesting. Check it out!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

And Here's The Olds...

I mean the news, well considering this has been going on since Reagan, and maybe even before, this is nothing new, nor is it short of laughable. Not to mention who the heck is the Next News Network?

So Good Make Ya Wanna Slap Ya Mama

Peace y'all...thought I'd send a lil cheer your way, I mean all my blogs can't be so sullen, right? I have more on the way, but for right now as the Scarecrow told Batman before he set fire to him, "You need to lighten up a bit!" Catch ya later!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fish and Chips 2

Peace all....

After a couple of weeks away from it all, I come back to the blog feeling refreshed, and ready to let loose on an array of topics. Little did I know that I would be bombarded with subject matter that would kinda distract me from the blogs I had initially planned, but no biggie, I mean after all, I planned to do a blog on the controversial show Scandal, which has the African American community in an uproar, dividing lines especially amongst the genders, ranging from topics about interracial dating, and most of all does the show depict African American women in a stereotypical manner, as hypersexual, power-hungry, scandalous women whose ultimate quest in regards to relationships is with a priviliged White male. I want to delve deeper into this highly emotionally charged subject because I believe strongly that nothing happens in a vacuum, especially in terms of the media, which Gunnar Myrdhal contended in his book American Dilemna: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, is a very important link in regards to information and the education of diverse ethnic groups in America.  If this is so, we are in trouble Black people.

Then this issue popped up....

Meet the latest concession in America's Colorblind Society, Sasheer Zamata, who is now lauded as the latest Black female cast member on NBC's Saturday Night Live late night television show. Zamata comes in at a peculiar moment, after SNL received flack for "lack of diversity" especially after cast member Kenan Thompson's alleged statement about Black women not being "funny enough" to make the show. Then we had the Kerry Washington episode, which I have no earthly idea what that was about either, except maybe it was a half-hearted attempt by NBC and SNL to mock their own insensitivities.

So I did a little research on Sasheer, and came across a few videos, and after watching Pursuit of Sexiness Pt 1 and More Great Moments in Black Hipstery, I became even more convinced of the constant perpetuation of Black stereotypes broadcasted by all forms of media throughout the globe, continuing this hideous portrayal of Blacks as hypersexual, native, excessive, inferior creatures having little or no understanding at all about the essentials of life, only looking for material things to compensate for their lack of intellect or mores.

Even more troubling was the caption I read below the Pursuit of Sexiness video which reads:

Best friends and troublemakers(incompetent, wretched, aloof) Nicky(played by African American actress Nicole Byer) and Sheer are broke, single, and (adorably!) self-absorbed. They're looking for good men(no black men are in the first video), easy money(golddiggers) and free meals(cheap) but would be satisfied to break even and find a guy who doesn't prematurely ejaculate(hypersexual). It's life, liberty and the pursuit of sexiness. How freakin' convenient. Multiple stereotypes of Black women laid out in just a few sentences. I mean come on now, NOBODY sees this?

I won't even mention the double standards that Blacks put on each other, because if this was done by a Black male, especially a rapper, I shudder at the thought of all of the cries of misogyny from Black women...well maybe I did just mention it.

How can this obvious form of self degradation of a marginalized people be seen  as an accomplishment, ala Kerry Washington's fame from Scandal? Looking at the comments on Youtube by both Black and White, one can only see a troublesome future in race relations for both communities. I mean as Blacks finally begin to understand the inconsistencies of America's Colorblind Society, which still have Blacks and Latinos as the most incarcerated, under-educated, most-profiled, least tended to by the state, resulting in an ever-declining quality of life, they throw another bone, and we eat it up, and give kudos to the performers who will in turn muffle out the cries of the marginalized, whom they've made fun of, all for a few dollars, and five minutes of fame on the front cover of Ebony and Jet. Did SNL hire her based on her "merits" or because of her ability to continue lampooning and demeaning a people, and to silence the critics in the process? All I know is that it doesn't look to good from where I'm standing. Reporting Live From Edgeville.

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