Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Brief History......

Peace All,

I'm working on some really nice projects, hopefully one project coming this weekend, but in the meantime, I just wanted to give a little history on this piece, which seems to have attracted some admirers. This pic is untitled, and it was not intended to represent someone whom served in this country's armed forces. When I produced this piece in early 2007(while at work mind you) I just pulled up a green pastel and went to work. I worked on it extensively and VOILA! here's the end result. After a while I began to experience stories from former vets whom I would meet in the park, some were exercising, some were homeless, but some had very interesting stories to tell about wars they experienced, and how the government treated them after the wars were over. It was there where I found out who were some of the biggest users of Prozac and other antidepressants were. Add this with the stories I have read from other sources and books about how soldiers were suffering from anxiety attacks and extreme forms of depressions, and how some sources repeated of how former vets were experiencing hard times coping with civilian life, and how some became homeless, addicts, and all around disillusioned with the dream of fighting for something they believed in. The more I looked at the picture, the more it took on a totally different meaning, one of similar to my experiences of working to make someone else wealthy, and not getting any real rewards for the services rendered.

Coupled with reading stories of how soldiers were denied treatment for what is now known as Desert Storm Fever and how some of the soldiers' had deformed children as a result of coming into contact with the chemicals in the gulf war and not being acknowledged by their "employers" and this picture takes on a whole new meaning.

The picture is not in my possesion anymore, it was given to a person who encouraged me to desert the killing fields where I was employed, and was told, "Don't look back. You're stepping out on faith"

I plan to reproduce a much larger picture in the near future, God Willing..

Take care all, I love you......Quwwa signing off.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Check Da Spin Y'all! (No Voice at All!)

Peace all,

It is 2:31pm and I am on vacation, tired but excited, I have some new things coming up in the very near future that I want you to check out. But this past week has my head spinning in circles wondering what could be going on? Incidents occurred this past week that I felt could have been cleared up just by both parties involved talking it out. Instead people are getting the runaround and are unable to express themselves because of someone else's invested interest or fear of loss.

This reminds me of an incident that took place in April 2005. I worked at this planta- ooops call center that serviced warranties for Circuit City. I was encountering sick remarks from someone because of my beard, which is symbolic of my Islamic belief. I was moved to sit right in front of this person and out of nowhere this person rises from his chair and tells the person sitting on my left " They took so-and-so away and put this ugly boy in her place!" I immediately went to Inhumane Resources(and there is a reason for calling it that) and explained the situation, along with the multitudes of racist statements made against people of Indian descent. Instead of Inhumane Resources doing something about the issue, they wanted me to give names, which I refused, and tried to justify the ignorance by stating that people are upset because jobs are going to India, which I quickly retorted that it was still wrong. I suggested that a notice should be sent throughout the area. The end result? No meeting between me and this guy, they just summoned me into the room, told me that this guy says he was just joking and I took it the wrong way. Then they moved me to the back of room, and after a couple of more weeks, terminated me on bogus charges of attendance issues. When I attempted to file for unemployment benefits the Workforce Commission stated that this sweatshop had notified them of instances of how I allegedly came into work, logged on the phones, then logged off and left for no reason, which made me ineligible for unemployment. So I began warning the other workers there that they will fire you and attach allegations of misconduct so as to protect them from paying unemployment. All of this because they didn't want Circuit City to know there were problems in the workplace that could affect their business. Well, we all know now Circuit City is no more, which obviously means their bread and butter is no more. God don't like ugly.

I have grown increasingly tired of these places who insult the employees, refuse to address the issues concerning abuse, slavery, anxiety and other injustices and spin the web to make the one complaining think this is all in their minds.

Which brings to mind the spin of the week, whereas people are being manipulated again to think of instances of terrorism instead of the increasing issues permeating the US Armed Forces. I wonder if Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Banks has been informed to cease speaking about the growing suicide rate among the troops, anxiety, battle stress, and the fact there were more than one shooter according to his own account, and just let the media spin their web on only one alleged shooter, their alleged past, focus on the Jessica Lynch-esque heroic stories that may/may not have occurred and let the peoples' blind patriotism and prejudices do the rest.

It must be real tough knowing your issues of underpayment, injustices, sicknesses, sexual harrassment and being victimized by discrimination at the workplace are no concern, even if you are protecting and serving your country.

"FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND" is what they tell you, in other words "F**** your issues, get out there and work!"

Although I have mixed emotions about the supposed "War on Terrorism" and the "need" to fight these evils, I was always taught that right is right and wrong is wrong, regardless of my feelings towards a particular person, group, organization whatever.

God don't like ugly....

By the way, speaking of spins, my local library has a new sign above the front desk that really disturbs me. It reads, WE REALLY APPRECIATE OUR CUSTOMERS......

I thought the library was free......God Help Us.

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