Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Their Loss!!!

It's their loss...It's their loss.....

That's what I keep trying to convince myself to believe when I received the notice today that my pieces were not considered for this year's exhibition at the Latino Cultural Center. I came home and saw the envelope with my name on it and knew pretty much what it meant.

Am I sad? Heck yeah.... Why you ask? Nobody likes rejection, I don't care what anyone tells you. I am man enough to be upfront about the whole thing. Plus I felt it was an opportunity to show my hometown a taste of the Q....

I love my online families from all my pages, believe me, you mean the world to me. But sometimes you want your ol' stompin grounds to see your contributions also. But in all honesty I don't know what the heck to expect from Dallas anymore. People are so busy trying to be socialites and stuff...That's one of the things I told my Kanye-like sister Bella(Facebook joke, ya wouldn't understand)as she began to tell me about the art atmosphere in Montana. I told her that Dallas has not had an identity since J.R. was shot!!!

That's what makes me smile when I think about my work. To see that the everyday, hard-working person, or the one who is down and out and feels no one cares, when that person compliments my work, I feel great because that's who it's for!!! Not some snooty wannabe who's looking for escapism, that cheese and wine tasting flake that feels the art world revolves around their critique...

I just keep reminding myself, what are you doing this for.

Dallas will get a taste of the Q someday......sooner than they think....and when they do, I will gently tell them.....STOP JOCKIN MY STYLE BOYEEEEE!!! HAAAAA!

I feel better already... Dag, just lettin it out does wonders

6.18.09.....Ride wit' me......

Peace yo.....LOVE Quwwa. Thanks to all.


  1. Good attitude to have :)

    Loving the image!

  2. It is their loss and their short sightedness but also not the right venue if they have that mind set. You'll find a show that people will come clamoring to and just rave about your work like we do.

  3. Quwaa, Quwaa...don't let it get you down! We all deal with the rejection of not making it into juried shows but it just goes with the territory. One of my paintings made it into one show earlier this year but not another one at a different venue...Last year I got into 2 shows and got awards, this year, nada....(at the same venues). I just keep on painting. Hang in there.

  4. Hello!
    I really enjoyed reading this blog,despite the dissapointing news you received.I've been there too,and it sucks!

    I do believe in you,not to mention your work.
    I know that your art will be all over the world some day!!!!

    Much love,

  5. It *IS* their loss! I think there is probably only ONE thing in common shared by ALL artists & musicians who find a way to make a living from their work and become appreciated... they've all faced plenty of rejection along the way. Don't let it stop you-- just keep pursuing what you love.

  6. Know this you're talented, very talented!! So like you said their worries next time it'll be all good, bigga' and better know this..

    On a side note love your music pics off the wall fo' sho' lovin it'''


  7. HI, Quawwa - it goes with the turf. It's a roller coaster. The thing is, you're putting your work and yourself out there. Some will say no until the right one says yes. it's a complete crap shoot.
    (Your comment about Dallas and JR is a riot.)

  8. Hey Q~ I know I already left a comment for this post, but I thought I should let you know I'm (finally) doing another *Giveaway* on my little Blog. Figured you might wanna know. ;) Cheers!!


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