Sunday, May 31, 2009



It's 7:09pm and I just left the salt mines, now I am getting ready to finish a couple of pieces for a special occasion, I'll fill ya in on it later.

But before I pull out my pastels and pop in my Hustle and Flow DVD(ya know it's hard out hurr for an I wanted to share an experience I encountered last week. One of my blogfriends and Etsymate actually did a write-up on me!!! YES, CANYOUBELEEVIT? Someone actually looked past my sad-pouty-face(just kidding) and did a write-up on me. The blog was about artists whom she admired and respected the post was filled with amazing artists, and I looked further down the blog and BAM!!! Quwwa Art!!!

Well let's be truthful ok, it wasn't like I was just mindin' my own beeswax and didn't have a clue of what was going on, but earlier that week I received an email from Kenna at Beholden-To-Nature, a great blog about her and her excellent photography. She asked me if I would allow her to post a couple of my pictures on her blog and she would do a write up on my art! I was so happy and estatic over the thought that someone genuinely thought of my work enough to post it on their blog!

Here are two links I want to give, the first is to her blog...and don't just read the blog, check out her site, she has some cool pictures(Quwwa may have to snatch a few!)

The second is to the updated page for the upcoming blogtalkradio interview on June 18. Click here

Thanks everyone, gotta make some dust fly....You know it's hard out hurr for an artist(lol)

Thanks everyone....Quwwa

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  1. Wow...that is awesome. I read both blogs and it just shows me you're on the right track and keep doing what you're doing. Congrats!


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