Friday, May 8, 2009

Let Me Take a Moment!!!

Peace y'all

Just sitting here in the lab, thinking of some things, not much on the slate today, due to maintenance issues with my computer. While I'm removing the kinks outta my computer, enjoy this poem from Suheir Hammad and music by K-Salaam and Beatnik. It's entitled "Refugees" I'll beez back, OK

Special thanks to BellaCosaArt, Gilstrap Designs and Janet Vanderhoof, who are wonderful artists in their own right, but gave me some wonderful reviews as well. I gotcha Bella!!!

To my blog family, ONE LOVE Y'ALL.

And a special thanks to anyone who checks my blogs. I'll be back with some wonderful news next week, so stay tuned!! Love Always


  1. Some fab artwork on your blog. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to staying connected :)

  2. Love your stuff. Can't wait to hear the good news!

  3. Quwwa-thanks for visiting..allowed me to find you and your inspirational blog. Glad to hear your sis is doing better. Good luck on the juried show. great work :-)

  4. Powerful images, both visually and verbally.

  5. Just showing you some love. Tania-Maria


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