Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Video Tour

Peace all,

Working on a new blog, but in the meantime please check out one of my artistic friends, Doryssam...Check out her beautiful landscapes as well...

Friday, December 24, 2010

What Now?

Peace all...

It's 6:14pm and I'm sitting down with this hot laptop on my lap, I guess I took the name laptop too seriously(lol).

But anyway, I have some good from the homestead! After over 6 months ya boy landed a JIZZOB!(YAY!)The time it took and the mental beating it took on me was brutal, but yeah, I landed one, so all those naysayers can sit down and shut up! But we know that won't happen right? HA HAAA!

With that in mind, the question now becomes what happens now? I mean granted it is a job, however it's a mere job that barely covers my immediate needs. I mean I'm grateful, but I also have to be a realist. Am I relegated to hopping from one job to another? And what does this mean for my art: is this another spiraling tale of unfulfilled wishes and dreams, is it a stepping stone for something greater? Granted when I left my previous job I felt it was the beginning of something great, with a show lined up, people digging some of my creations, and all of a sudden I lost a lot of things. My car was the most devastating thing because it was a source of independence for me. A symbol of efforts made along with patience and faith in God(Allah) and myself. Now I'm back to spending 2 and a half hours just to get to a job that takes 30 minutes to get there by personal transportation.

One of my Facebook friends told me that sometimes you have to purge yourself and keep those things that are needed. I'm realizing that now. It doesn't make sense from the outset when you look at it, after all I have to go and wash clothes, buy groceries, go to work, etc, etc, etc....LOL. But I think I'm getting the jist of what she meant. So I take that deep sigh, but move on...

It's gotta get better somewhere, somehow, someway...

Take care all...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dustin' Off...

Peace all,

Had a real intense blog this week about my reaction with the HIV/AIDS awareness, but after trying to sort all of the frenzy out, I shelved it. I spent so much time contemplating and discussing the subject, and I faced so many opinions and strategies on supposed preventive measures, and what I can truly say is that this a very emotional and expansive topic, and it seemed to go nowhere. However from the discussions I have learned alot and I feel I can add HIV/AIDS to the topics to address with my art, and hope that God Willing it can spark as much dialogue and look for more avenues to address research and preventive measures than just giving addicts clean needles, making sexual active people use condoms and treading dangerous waters by admonishing the whole population to take tests, even long time married couples based on suspicions, isolated personal experience and sporadic evidence. It will not do a thing to solve the situation, nor to create a society of forgiveness, responsibility, and knowledge nor help those in need to really show sincerity and concern. It's bigger than what we may have expected and maybe some have even hoped. Everyone is affected somehow, someway. How it started and where and who started it is no longer a priority.

Anyway, I have other things lined up as well, and hopefully a website should be coming soon, filled with neat lil' goodies(oh boy!) but that's pending on a couple of issues, mainly financing. I have a potential job lined up, 3 guesses where? THAT'S RIGHT A CALL CENTER!

This one is a bit different, for I have no plans on staying on any job like this. I feel I am more focused than ever on what I really want to do, priorities are in order, strategy is in place, and now I am praying and waiting for the doors to open up. This is only to supplement my immediate needs, for we all have immediate needs right?

And DSL is one of them....Oh boy...

Take care all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Moving on...

Peace all,

I've been away for awhile, conjuring up new things to bring to the table. Things are happening so fast and so much that one can lose sight of the bigger picture, however at least I can say most of these things that are happening are on a more positive note. I usually balance my blogs so to give the reader the ups and downs, and not just a lot of fluff involved. I have a couple of blogs in mind coming soon, but in the meantime, kick back and relax while I smile a bit....LOL.

Still no word on the job status, and it is getting more frustrating by the day as I travail through this terrain trying to seek out some employment( ALL THOSE T'S...LOL)but I feel the end of the search is near, and pray that something good comes along. I can't help but feel apprehensive however when I find myself filling out an application for a call center position, knowing the last 3 jobs I've had were in those environments, and they have done so much to my mental that I can truly say I don't know if I can be effective in such an environment anymore. But I keep looking and applying. Anyway...

During my time away I am gaining more confidence in working with Photoshop Elements and with a pen tablet, yeah you've guessed it, Q is into digital arts too! I use to have some apprehension to technology as a whole, due to believing that it was not as "pure" and "natural" as maybe other forms of visual artistry, but now I feel it can only enhance my repetoire, especially in mixed media which can use a lot of photography and clippings, so stay tuned! Ol' Q looks to switch it up a bit here!

I've also been asked to give another BlogTalkRadio interview, more to come on that later.

Gotta go all, the library is closing up and I gotta get back home to watch the rest of The Wire....Until then..

Peace all...LOVE YA!

PS...This piece here has yet to be finished...I can truly say it has been my most troublesome piece, trying to find what can complement this piece...I'll get to it, God Willing..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letting it go...

Peace All,

At this point in my life I've come to learn to accept the fact that if I had a middle name it should be struggle...LOL

The past few months have completely taken a toll on me, as well as forced me to take a long look at myself, to check my intentions, look at my high points and low points, and try to come up with some form of strategy for both short and long term goals I made.

I thought I had a strategy all in place earlier this year, and I thought my departure from my job would signify a new era for the Q beginning with the exhibition, not to say this is why I left my job(though some have garnered serious allegations and slandered my name) but however things turned topsy-turvy, and I found myself sprawling into a pile of stress, worries, accusations and downfalls. I now find myself defending my positions to people who either don't know me fully, or don't really understand what is going on. At times I have even doubted myself and have stepped back many times to see if it is something I am doing wrong, or is it a test from God(Allah) which will purify me, develop more of a trust in Him as well as gear me up for something bigger down the road.

They say you should always have a good opinion about God, and I do, but it's really hard being a mere human being, trying to trust Him when you don't see the whole picture. I understand that's what the tests of life is for, and also understand that if He doesn't care or deem good for a person, He will not try them so severly. Last week was another one of those tests, I almost lost my storage which included very personal and important items, many of my books and videos among other things that I accumulated over 8 years.

The outcome was good, and I feel like my trust in God has grown, but I'm growing more tired of having to explain myself to people who don't see these things as tests and trials from God, but rather shortcomings or failures of my own. People ask why have I become somewhat of a recluse in the past few years. In reality I am not a recluse, just a man who is tired of being around people who don't seem to take things in a serious manner or who look at things from a superficial point of view.

I know of people who are unemployed for the same amount of time I've been, or even longer, yet in their conversations they don't seem to mention anyone doubting their intentions or integrity, so why should I be different? Why should I be looked upon as some deceitful, light-headed, non-serious guy with a dream simply because I'm looking within myself to advance myself instead of ever-chasing a permanently temporary job, and why am I being blasted for defending myself, my sanity and my integrity, as if to say these things are not important anymore? When did money replace integrity, decency, honor, and respect?

So I continue to travel lightly. One day, God Willing, it will all make sense.

Take care all...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sobriety is the New Enemy!

Peace Y'all

First I must apologize for my lack of political acumen. I mean I totally forgot this was the year of the elections, so there I said it! LOL

I mean after all, it's not like I don't have any interest in politics, but I don't believe that old cliche' "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is an all-encompassing statement, I mean sometimes you have to know when to continue to try and when to quit, when to let it go, ya know?

In this great state of mine our governor has slickly gotten away without any notice about the allegations of taking bribes from a Big Pharma company in exchange for making the HPV vaccine mandatory for ALL public school- attending girls over the age of 12, regardless if they are sexually active or not. Local schoolboard elections have given victory to gangsters who masterfully take the money from school(84,000,000 dollars last I checked) superintendents come and go like Arab nomads, our two-faced mayors and other city officials are continuing to find themselves on the news, and not for good reasons either. And the grand fiasco of all, realizing America's first Black President is not any better than America's last White President, bailing out the real bank robbers, lying about the economy, and now resorting to Juniors' old tricks of the same old tired "somebody's trying to terrorize America" scam, one must begin to wonder what is this politic mess all about.

But I must admit there are some things worth really voting for, and this year brought out some doozies, mainly Propositions 1 and 2, propositions about whether or not beer and wine can be sold in grocery stores in Dallas proper. For the most part Dallas is still a dry city, except for certain business areas and in the parts in the 'hood(as if that's a surprise). Surprisingly my area which is now seeing its part of ghettoization/gentrification taking place, had an ordinance prohibiting the sales of liquor in stores, but like most if not all pre-dominately African-American 'hoods, they were at one time predominately White neighborhoods until the n... well you know the rest of THAT story.

Now advertisements now popping up on so many billboards entering downtown and even skyscrapers are encouraging passers-by to get tow-down, with giant-size billboards of the latest and greatest of hooch, elegantly packaged to make even the stinky-bummy drunk look and feel as if they are privileged to swig such a fine wine.

To suck the voters into approving this move brochures were printed out using the old "enhance the economy" and "encourage economic development" and paying better wages to policemen routine, and adding the notion that if this is not passed, the city will be unable to recouperate at least 30 million dollars from an already whopping 80 million dollar city deficit. This lack of funding has supposedly made the city cutback funding to parks, pools and libraries, now even the downtown library looks like a ghost town every Monday, but strangely enough orchestrated music is piped through the elegant Bose speakers hanging above the entrance. This past summer, stores all around the Dallas area, even Wal Mart neighborhood markets hosted registration tables encouraging people to vote YES to sell beer and wine in grocery stores in Dallas proper.

This photo was taken at a gas station in my 'hood. My area has not had a grocery store in the past 2 years, yet people are being encouraged to vote YES on November 2nd to allow beer and wine to be sold in such places.

A couple of problems here, especially in my hood, where the nearest grocery store is a DOLLAR STORE! Which is more important, a grocery store, or the ability to sell hooch in a grocery store? If you don't have a car in my neck of the 'hood, tough rockos kid, 'cause the nearest decent store is miles away. There's only two ways to get food in my area, the dollar store(with its limited supply of meat, and even more limited supply of non-pork meat), or pretend you're poor(if you're not) and go to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church and front yo' self a sack of groceries every Tuesday.

Another issue is the cry about the rise of crime already in these 'hoods, especially in the impoverished areas, but nevermind that correct? I mean the only drugs that are illegal here are marijuana, crack and cocaine(which you won't see in my parts), right? Never mind that before the invention of crack, alcohol was the suicidal choice in the hood, right? Nevermind that every year more people die of alcohol-related incidents 4 times over than the amount of people killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11, but hey, no one's shut down a brewery right? Or accused a liquor store of being a terrorist cell, right? Then why use the same old revenue-generating excuse( which we the taxpayers won't see anyway) as a means to pump sauce into the neighborhoods, knowing fully we won't see the results of such ventures except maybe increases in deaths, dependency and depression? What happened to the Texas Lottery, that was legalized in 1992, which the proceeds from that was said to fix roads, schools and.... Where's that money? More and more casinos are being built, more ways to gamble your money away are being established, and more and more ways to hype up your addiction or depression are concocted, but what happened to the jobs? How can private-owned buildings continue to go up downtown while public libraries, pools and parks are closing down?

In closing, I want to make it clear that this is not a blog to encourage or discourage voting, or to urge to vote no, but basically showing the sickness of this society, allowing corporations and political pundits to to further contribute to the spread of vices and addictions and hide them under pseudonyms called "urban development" "economic growth" and so on. In the end who really wins?

Peace y'all

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Flashback picture...Did this in 2007, I had just started to play with pastels after spending all of the time off away from art. Really liked it. I don't mind doing still life pics(in fact I really dig it) but I felt I had to establish my voice first, in order to be taken seriously. But things like this make me wanna just whip out the pastels and let the dust fly!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

...Quandry (Black Haunting)

Peace all,

Sometimes being a clutterbug(such as me!!!) has it's downers. Take today for instance. After feeling good about labelling my next project Black Haunting, some of the ideas I have for the project spurred into another direction, and ANOTHER project came about, one I'm thinking of entitling What Was It All For Anyway? I think both of these will really be interesting in scope and range, as well as content, and I'm sure it will be one that not too many people would want to talk about initially. But that's me right? Always into something, always causing trouble...Tee hee hee!!!

I am in my best mood right now after recovering from what looked like a down point in my life. Missing the exhibit, The Lost Ones, one that Joanna worked so hard in getting to happen, and one that I wanted to participate so badly made me take a hard look into wondering if I should continue on. But even more sad were the incidents that took place which resulted in my abscence. I usually don't place my personal feelings and incidents online, however I feel this one needed to be stated in order for me to move on with my life.

Two weeks before the exhibit my car was repossessed for late payments. I had been searching for ways to pay for the car as well as looking for a job after leaving my last job, (an issue which some people are still trying to second guess to this day) but was unable to come up with any solution. I went through several ordeals to get this car, and to find out it was taken away really hurt me. I had left some personal belongings and some clothes in the car at the time it was repossessed. In order to retrieve those items I had to borrow my mother's car, drive 60 miles out of Dallas and back to retrieve my belongings.

I tried to look for employment opportunities to keep the car and my personal finances in good standing, but nothing happened. I searched and prayed for relief and kept toiling about. Finally I asked some relatives(who are very able mind you) to front me a loan until I can get back on my feet in order to redeem the car and to help with some basic needs. At first I was told that the check would be in the mail and I would get it the next day. I cried and thanked God(Allah) thinking this would save my car, and help with some basic needs until I can get back on my feet.

A couple of hours later I received a call from their son pretending to ask questions about what happened at my previous jobs, why I left those jobs or was fired, and what the future hold for me(which only God can answer that). He says we was trying to help me find some work or some leads, as if he was sincere. I honestly told him what happened and my aspirations for doing my own thing as well. The very next day I received a package with some old dates and a printout of a narration from Prophet Muhammad(S) about how the person's sustenance was written in the womb of the mother 120 days after conception and NO CHECK. This statement is true, but the circumstances behind why this happened are fishy. The rest of the story is too hard to tell, and too hard to think about.

In any case I lost my car, among other things, and now I am somewhat starting from scratch, but I have not lost my zeal and my drive in any way. Actually many of the current events are the catalyst for my newest projects. And these trials that I go through make me stronger for handling bigger problems that may come my way in the future.

Keep moving forward...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 Blasts From The Past

Peace All,

Still working on my blog, but in the meantime here are 3 ditties from the past, one even shows the softer side of the Q, if you can believe that...LOL

Take care all...Love Ya!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

K'NAAN - Somalia

Peace all...

It's been over a month since hitting the blog, but getting busier than ever, working on a new project to be revealed soon...In the meantime, check out this video of one of my favorites...Somalia, by K'naan....Take care.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silver Lining

Peace all,

It's 1:56am where I live and it is the 16th of Ramadhan, the Muslim month of fasting. I am saddened, puzzled and perplexed to say the least. I sit here blogging, more confused than ever about recent events that forced me to cancel my appearance at The Lost Ones exhibit this Saturday. All that hyping up the event and all that planning came to a screeching halt as personal reasons forced me to deal with what still seems to be a priority. I am trying to bring a message with my art as well as make this and other art ventures my sole means of maintaining my family, but now I find myself disappointed to say the least. It says in the Quran that there maybe a thing that you like that may have something in it that is not good, and there may be a thing that you hate but may have good in it. I try to look at the things from this perspective, but hey, I am a human being with limited knowledge, meaning I'm not going to figure out everything in life that is thrown at me, so I must look toward Al Hakim(The Most Wise) to see what is the meaning of all of this. Sometimes I get the point later on, sometimes I don't, but it still adds up to God being in total control of everything, and I have to accept it as that. He knows and I don't know.

I find myself now in a state of flux, not trying to come off as wishy washy, but just finding myself wondering if I should continue on, that is until my friend Joanna Ballard, the one hosting the event, reminded me what is the main reason for this event. It is not about art, not about Quwwa or Joanna, it is about the homeless and us using our God given talents to bring about consciousness.

It still hurts though and even more so seeing that fact that I may be starting over, back to square one so to speak. I feel like a rapper right now, scared as heck of having to look for employment outside of my own talents. I have been looking for employment anyway but nothing has come of fruition, and frankly I don't want to go back into a world where I am disrespected, mistreated and used to make some other sucker rich, only to come home with a few measley crumbs to toss at my family. I have regained my agility, energy and health since leaving my job May 23, and since that time my weight has dropped drastically, as the size 50 baggy pants that I wore while at work now looks totally out of proportion, as I seem to have shrunk down to a size 46 now. The last time this happened in 2002 I lost a total of 120 pounds, only to gain it back once I started hitting up these jobs.

I have to do for my family though, and I have no problem with that at all. I don't look at kids as crumbsnatchers, however they are quickly becoming looked upon as crumbeaters, as criminals continue to force the hand of an economy that has no business being in existence, but continues to thrive while a sleeping population continues with the status quo, and very few are seeming to wake up and take charge of their own destinies. I pray that I don't go out as another dreaming independent artist who had to "face reality"

Please help me to understand Allah...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Peace all....

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

27 more days to go before the show....

Getting very excited and anxious here....Plans are being made, guests are being booked and ads are a flyin' everywhere. I had to refocus my energies on this project, so my ETSY and Zazzle items have taken a back seat somewhat, while I focus on finishing up the last pieces of work. Plus with the entrance of Ramadhan, the Muslim month of fasting coming up, it is imperative to finish up everything, well at least the physical work, because Ramadhan in the summer promises to be very interesting. The last time I tried to paint during Ramadhan I found out how very draining it could be....LOL...

Why did she list me also as a spoken word artist? OH BOY.....


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Check It OUT!

Peace All,

A lot of changes are happening on this blog as we speak, mainly the addition of the menu bar right below the Quwwa logo. This will give people the opportunity to link up with the other ventures I am involved in, mainly the addition of my Youtube channel, the Etsy Store and Zazzle store links. For a while people have been asking about purchasing some of my artworks, now finally they can go to either Etsy or Zazzle and check out the latest additions to the Quwwa repetoire. I also have plans for prints and posters to be sold as well so stay tuned for that too. Also coming soon will be a gallery exposing my work, and maybe even a complete website, showing all of the latest events, bio, gallery and other things. One other note, I know some may have experienced having to listen to the opening of my Blogtalkradio interview with Coach K and Angel. Well I have also created a link for those who would like to listen to the interview as well as the interview with my friend Tania-Maria Xavier of ColoredPeople. Net without having to turn off the interview as soon as you go to my blog. Just click on the link Blogtalkradio and enjoy.

More info on the The Lost Ones Exhibition coming up! Love you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

muMs The Schemer - Lincoln's Lie

Peace All,

Working hard on some pics for "The Lost Ones" exhibit coming this 8/28/10 in Shreveport, LA. Will be back with a new blog, but in the meantime check this out!! Great piece.....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lost Ones!! 8/28/10!!!


It gives me great pleasure to bring to your attention an event that I feel will be a great success with God's help, it is an event entitled "The Lost Ones" coming to Shreveport, LA on August 28th, 2010.

The event is the brainchild of a good friend of mine that I met on Facebook, Joanna "Louisiana Storyteller" Ballard, a great poetess, artist and storyteller, whom I met through another good friend on Facebook, Lady Flava, a very staunch supporter in Indie Arts and an all around cheerleader for the arts.

Joanna is a very enthusiastic person and very involved with the issue of homelessness, who in seeing my art and reading the few poems I have written believed that my work falls right in line with her vision as well. What's more monumental is the fact that this collaboration is very diverse in just the two of us, Joanna, being a White, Christian based, woman and I being an African American Male who is Muslim, promises to bring many different aspects to the table in this event, and in talking with her about the issues of the homeless people and how visual art among other art forms can contribute to awakening the mind, body and spirit to combat the seriousness of homelessness and poverty seemed to fall right in line with some of my ideas in my personal contribution entitled LIFESTYLES OF THE IGNORED.

The event will include poetry, music and visual art exhibitions ranging from her personal collections of photography to paintings by YOURS TRULY! That's right, after almost four years of resurrecting my passion and adding purpose to my art, God(Allah) has given my the opportunity to once again use my expression and spread the message, hoping that it will enlighten, educate and spur action. This is only the beginning, we are still in the process of putting everything together, but this could be the beginning of something very special, so special we may be looking into a similar venue in my hometown of Dallas, Tx as well. I will bring more details as they come, but in the meantime, I thank you for your constant support and backing.

All Praise Is To Allah(GOD)Alone...

Take care, Love You All......Quwwa


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Wouldn't Understand

Peace all,

Here at the lab working on the pictures from the upcoming art exhibit in Shreveport, LA this coming August. I have made great progress(thank God) and things are going full swing. I am in the process of making 8-9 original works along with 3-4 prints of previous works. I am very excited about this possibility to call to attention the ills of the society as well gain exposure about my art, and maybe make some money in the process. I have been bouncing around like a pinball, hitting different areas, some people don't get it, thinking this works against me, however I assure you it works in my best interest. It's great to concentrate solely on one piece, but what happens when you run out of ideas or hit that fork in the road on a particular piece? In my case i pull up another piece and get to work, never stopping for just one piece.

Speaking with my friend and fellow artist today she revealed a sad case wherein her parents have basically given her the boot due to her insistence of working on her passion instead securing a "real job"... I ask you, especially in today's world, what the feezy is a "real job"? Is it one of these jobs that you feel safe in knowing you have a paycheck every two weeks, although you are still unable to cover the costs of living? A job where in the bulk of the people working are also struggling with some type of vice or addiction that crept up on them as a result of trying to deal with the stress of overwork and underpaid? Disrespected? Don't people realize that the days of working for these plantations for 20 years, collecting pension, social security and profit sharing are now OVER? That they don't give a fick about you and your family's well being anymore?

Do they not think that independent artists have what it takes to succeed artistically and still make ends meet? Do they not know all of the avenues that are available to artists to express their true talent as well as make profit? Have we lost touch with what's going on in the world so much that we have given these slavemaster corporations the idea that we can't live without them? I grew up being taught that I could not live without God, now it seems we have allocated power to human beings that they do not deserve. They cannot create, produce, provide for anything here, and they too will die, so subjecting myself to them is not only wrong, but foolish. All that you see as a result of their doings (for many of them misdeeds is more like it) is really an illusion that has no foundation in truth. Truth will prevail.

I have reserved May 23, 2010 as a day I call my Independence Day, and I have no wish to go back. My attitude is now "I can work with you, but I can't work for you!"

Take care all, love you...Peace

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are Ya Ready?

Straight From the Lab of Quwwa Artworks

Can you feel IT?
Do You See IT?
Can you taste IT?
Quwwa's Creations!

Told ya Playtime's OVER!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New From Quwwa Artworks!

Hey all, check out the new tshirt I just created with the help of Zazzle.Com. I really hope you like it, it has one of my original pieces of artwork with the UNDENIABLY... motto attached to it. Only from Quwwa Artworks

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Peace all...

Thinking back to the mid '90s, I can recall getting so excited about the upcoming family vacation to Disneyland. We saved our money to get the tickets, packed clothes and snacks, rented vans for the long road trip, took the scenic route (Very scenic when we got around Mississippi....lol), the whole nine yards. Rented some condos around Kissimmee, Florida, yeah, we were about to do it up Mickey style. But when the vacation was over, as far as me and my uncle, all we did was go half on a pizza, watch cable, fed the begging ducks who surrounded us at the park bench and sat around the condo while everyone else went to Dizzinyland (incorrect spelling intended). Many people looked at that as wasting money, but looking back I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look at it as one of the most memorable vacations I had ever taken, almost topping that time when my family went to Fiesta Texas and I spent a good portion of the time tormenting those little kids on the bumper cars !!!

Well, Q had to take another one of those wander-off-somewhere-for-no-reason-at-all vacations. Just hopped up, left town and stayed away from it all. Destination not important, and I have no pictures of me with balloons or riding on the roller coaster, no pics of me piggin out at the local restaurant, or running thru the beach like some crazed lunatic to splurge to my fans, none of that! Yes, again I just got away from it all, watched tv, and ate. Yeah, I had some other things planned, but they fell threw, and I did not pitch one hissy over it either, I got the rest that I needed, and now I am refocused.

Some people again thought, ok, you could have done this at home. Really? Sometimes you have to get away from familiarity, but we think getting away means camera, film, the whole nine, now we bring blackberries, and all kinds of things to the vacation, then complain about still needed rest. But I look at it this way, why should I paint the town like a madman, only to come back tired, still complaining of lack of rest just to say "I had big fun?" For the past 3 years, no make that 8 years I have been on a serious rollercoaster ride. Unemployed, stressed, starving, disputes, you name it. This was the first week I had the opportunity to just sit up and do nothing. No facebook, no art, no blog, Nuthin! Just got away from it all. Some people think a vacation or going out of town means non stop partying, whoopin it up, Disco Duck style! lol.... I'm the type that likes to take it down, especially after spending the past couple of months unhealthy and totally stressed out from dealing with this no account job I had. So my apologies to everyone for not bombarding my blogs or facebook with pictures and events of my vacation....But I had fun, and will do it again soon.....That is...

unless I see some little kids drivin' bumper cars ..... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Take care all!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Peace all...

Yeah, after 3 years of working in a disrespected state at this company, I tendered my resignation. I was put in a position to where I was between a rock and a hard place, dealing with a person whose pettiness I would say is an understatement. As time wore on his displeasure of me became more apparent to even the company. As a gesture of my displeasure I tendered a resignation with an email I sent to the entire floor expressing my feelings and being in a plantation environment. To many this may seem a bit too extreme, we are used to telling people not to quit their jobs until they found another one. I didn't feel as if I had that time. My distrust of this character led me to believe that at any moment he would try to fire me. My heart goes out to the people who continue to put up with the abuse, but my honest opinions about these jobs are not pretty and I truly believe if more people do not stick up for their honor and rights they will receive nothing in return but constant disrespect. People have been put into a state of terror by these tyrants, fearing starvation, as if we are not already starving or struggling to pay the bills. This job held raises back for almost 3 years, then trying to pull some bullsh-t to only pay the current rate instead of what it owed to the people. I can safely say I could care less what happens to the weasel, he lost my respect long time ago.

It took a while for me to come to grips with what I did, fearing I would be looked at in an irresponsible way. I truly thank God(Allah) for giving me the fortification to bolt out at the right time and to speak from the heart about the situation as a whole. He is the One who gives sustenance, not man. Once we lose that understanding, we open ourselves up to be slaves at the hands of men....

I no longer feel defensive in my decision, but I feel like another door has opened...As a matter of fact I have an art show in Shreveport, LA in August and a possible contribution to UNESCO may be in the works. More info later, but expect this blog to get thick up in here!

Playtime's over.....For a lil bit.....LOL


Saturday, May 29, 2010

America Continues To Eat Its Young....

Peace All......

This is one of my favorite interviews, coming from Dick Gregory, speaking about the harsh treatment of the youth that are into hip hop culture. I couldn't explain it any better. It exposes the cowardliness of those so called Black community leaders and parents who seem to have left the Black Youth in the lurch, to be eaten by this cannibalistic, dog eat dog system. It also gives us insight on what the Black Race is really trying to achieve, are we trying to achieve true justice, or just trying to get a piece of the pie?

Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) warned the people in his classic autobiography that the most dangerous person is the ghetto hustler, because of his image, which shows him as one defiant of all civic laws, while those who accuse and attack have yet to give any solutions rather than stand, sit, and sing songs that do nothing to remedy this vicious cycle. I have become a firm believer that evil does not exist as a result of its might, for evil has no true might, but where there is a lack of true righteousness and justice, evil will take root and spread. And this is something that starts with the heart, not with flimsy pieces of paper with so called laws that separates gender, race, class, nationalities and so forth.

This is also why I feel that a Black man as a President of the United States does nothing but give those who championed for "Civil Rights" more ammo to abandon these youth, by actually believing that this was some big momentous victory for the Black Race, and belittle the other movements that took a more aggressive stance to get freedom and justice. We seem to have forgotten terms like tokenism and how colonial powers used people of the oppressed to keep them oppressed, but that's another story altogether. I hope you enjoy. I sure did.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Although we are grown
And have learned to walk
We still trip, stumble and fall from time to time
Because we are human
The same with life itself
Although we know right from wrong
We still trip, stumble and fall

The goal is not to attain perfection
No one can attain the impossible
Foolish are those who dare try
But the goal is to purify the heart
Before the Inevitable

For as time passes
Life too shall pass
Nothing here on earth is eternal
This is just a brief stop on a journey back

So please while you are on shore
Do not become too enchanted with the glitter of this life
Partake in the sales, but do not let the bargains distract you
Do not become too involved with those who fraternize outside of the boat
The boat will be leaving very soon
And we will all be returning.

© 2010 Quwwa. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Peace y'all,

I want to take time out to just mention a Ning site that meant the world to me, and helped me to regain some of my confidence which was needed at a time when I went out to face the art game on my own. The name of the site was Give Your Walls Some Soul and it was headed by Shannon Grissom, an extraordinary artist in California that I had the pleasure to meet from another Ning site at the time, Iseecolor. Iseecolor was not the medium that I wanted, but at that time I knew of no other site that I could use to expose my art and rub elbows with other artists. There I met Shannon and we traded comments with each other until one day I received an invitation to join her personal Ning site. There I tried to contribute as much as I could and she would make me a feature artist regularly. I met another great artist Janet Vanderhoof on this site as well, but I also hooked up with a plethora of knowledge and advice that helped me emerge into another type of artist. She is responsible for reminding me of artistic license, and giving me the understanding of letting your feelings translate to your canvas. I am very saddened that her site along with others like it are closing down as a result of Nings' changes, but I fully understand her decision and others like it. Although I may use Facebook a lot in many instances, I have always loved the Ning sites, and the opportunities they posed as well. It was just something special about this site. I'm really going to miss it.

Love y'all. Take care.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Peace All...

Still recovering, but spirits are much better now...Becoming more focused, still need vacation(don't we all?), but at least now I can concentrate on some things. I have a possible show lined up, and I will fill you in on the details later, however this show includes a slide show with pictures, aimed mainly at the homeless. I was asked if I wanted to contribute....Think I would refuse? This could be something that could take my art to, as they say on Mad TV, a whole nuva levul.....LOL....I'll will keep you abreast of the details, but until then check this video out. It's interesting. I would like to put on an art exhibit similar to this...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Lil R and R

Peace all,

Taking a small break, but I wanted to share a special poem by a group called Twin Poets called Dreams are Illegal in the Ghetto....Take a listen!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stunting the Creative Process....

Peace all,

Lot of events happened the past week, most of them having to deal with sickness...lol. I have a few things on tap, good friends of mine wanting to do a spotlight on me, and I just got word of an upcoming show from another friend of mine who also happened to dig my poetry as well. We got some things cooking up, and as soon as everything has been made more concrete you will get the scoop...

Talking with a good artistic friend of mine last week she mentioned that she now understands where I'm coming from when I mention how stress and sickness can stunt the creative process...Sickness not being the main focus here, but how stress from everyday things hinder creativity. Many times in the past I've made very crude statements about my job(especially on facebook..lol) most were funny and jokingly, but in reality it is frustrating when dealing with situations that you really have no control over, and it affects the creative process. The madness continues as the jerk in charge continues to make moves and come up with formulas that put the employees in stressful situations, and most of all tries to keep his stature with the upper execs on a good level. Moreso he tries to psyche the people into buying his theories, which all fall flat on his face, only to find this arrogant idiot pointing the finger at the employees and not at himself. He keeps re emphasizing on who wants to work here and who doesn't, but it's not the case, the real issue is how people are making the workplace a living nightmare...

Yeah I know you're saying "just find another job!" but think about it, isn't this a recurring theme in most jobs today? Why jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Some of my friends say quit looking at the glass as half empty and start looking at it as half full....I have.....but I have to say that the water in this half full glass is quickly evaporating.....lol.....I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

In the end my art has suffered tremendously. Coming home and having to change modes is a very hard task, especially when there are other factors involved. I pray for the day when my priorities and passions will one day mesh, instead of being two totally separate entities. It's really beginning to take its toll on me.

But through it all..... Believe and Keep smiling....Take care all, Love Ya

Here's something that made me smile today....Old Skool Ditty..Makes me wanna go soak up some good Asian culture..All I have to go on now is going to the Asian stores to buy some cuisine....Love it...but want more(smile)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Grain of Hope

If I sat back and looked at my past
I might be ready to end my life
nothing but pain and struggle
The brief glimpses of happiness are too far and in between
really makes you consider leaving the whole scene

memories of watching bad examples of men
beating on the ones they claim to love
drowning their pain in nasty drinks made with grain
covering up their intelligence and exposing their shamelessness in broad daylight
sometimes I wonder if I was a woman would I believe all men are dogs too, however
many situations have they misconstrued as well
teasing and tempting and turning down those who could love them
to be with those who flash measly pieces of printed paper
makes me want to shoot the ones who sang money can't buy me love
cause I see different

and even worse bad examples of human beings
taking advantage of the poor just to accumulate more and more and more
claiming spirituality but show more compassion to dogs
embellishing and decorating the graves of the wicked and corrupt
not even thinking about the people inside who can't see the glitter
and hear the praises
because all of them are back to dust
and their filthy souls are getting a taste of the eternal punishment
just a taste
just a taste

and I look back at myself
and I see all that I see and ask is there really hope for me
especially when man is spiralling downwardly?
being this soul
that wants to do right
but surrounded by corruption
people blurring the absolute
and worshipping the relative
just to justify their wrongdoing

this weak soul
who just a couple of years ago did not use profanity
now I feel more profane sometimes
than the words I utter...

Is there really hope for me?
Is there someway I can release this guilt?
Am I exaggerating?

© Quwwa 2010...All rights reserved

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh NO HE Didn't......

Peace Y'all

NEW TO THE REPETOIRE! Ya boy Q done stepped into the abstract world! After getting over the jitters(first time ya know) I felt a deep need to delve into something a little different. OKAY! In all honesty I was in a funk after being told by the South Dallas Cultural Center that I WAS NOT READY! OH Boy! I want to do a blog expressing my disgust at the way people treat art today, which is more of a market than an expression, however I will save it for the appropriate time, right now I'm back at slugging away, hoping to connect...

I've gotten great responses from the abstracts, and it is a great way to loosen up to get myself ready for more serious projects. For a while I was under the impression that this could be a form of selling out, but I've moved away from that line of thinking. After all, I have landscapes I have yet to show my bloggy friends. I wanted to make sure I establish myself as a serious artist before going into other ventures, and with the help of great friends like my blogfriends Bella Cosa Art, Sheila of From Forensic to Fine Art, to my good friend Lady Flava, and to Shannon Grissom of Give Your Walls Some Soul and of course Tania-Maria Xavier of Coloredpeople.Net, along with other friends I feel more comfortable that people will take me seriously. If they don't it's their loss!

I have a few other surprises up my sleeve, but I can't give all of it right now! By the way, please check out the ColoredPeople.Net 2011 Calendar supporting Haiti Relief. Ya Boy Q has a couple of picks included, mixed in with excellent poetry from up and coming poets and more great pics from other artists on the ColoredPeople.Net Network! And no one from the network is getting a penny from the sales of this beautiful calendar! GET ONE TODAY!

Oh, check out the cool beanie! Love ya and Take Care! Quwwa

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Controlling My Anger!

Peace Yo!

I sooooo wanted to do a blog this week about an incident that occurred this past week and my feelings on the whole thing. Apparently my anger is more deep seeded than I imagined, and I will hold off another week at least. All that I can say is I feel the art world is lacking alot of substance, and I really wonder if there is a wish to develop, inspire and promote new or upcoming artists, or is it just hogwash?

Anyway, although I was tempted to trash the whole thing, I'm back at it again. I'm more mad at myself than anything, but I have to tell you the whole thing, or at least from what I see.

Anyway I am experimenting with watercolors, something TOTALLY NEW for me, well not totally new, but this is my first extended work in watercolors, and it seems like it may be a mainstay in my work now...Cool get away from mixed media and pastels, at least for the moment....(wink, wink)

Anger is not a healthy thing to have....But at times it is needed...You just have to control it....

Hold on y'all...It gets better....Love ya!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am proud to announce the 2011 ColoredPeople.Net Calendar for Haiti Relief will be available March 16th, with 100% of the proceeds going to Haiti Relief. My very good friend Tania-Maria Xavier, hostess of ColoredPeople.Net and Princess, a good friend of mine and also a member, came up with the idea of presenting a calendar filled with art and poetry. This was before the earthquake hit Haiti. Once the earthquake subsided, they decided to devote all of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar to Haiti relief.

Included in the calendar are two pictures by yours truly, and I considered it a blessing and an opportunity to contribute to this momentous occasion, to get a chance to get together with my ningmates and really come up with something special. I hope you get a chance to get a copy! Check out a sneak preview right here on my blog!

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this project, Tania-Maria Xavier and Princess of ColoredPeople.Net for coming up with this very exquisite calendar, all of the contributers to the project, and all of the supporters of this project and ColoredPeople.Net as a whole. I love you all..Take care and God Bless.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Me?

Peace all....

It's 8:05am, here I am with this pile of wood in my front yard waiting to be picked up by the shady city department. These crooks are talking as if they're going to charge us extra because of something we had no control over. Rumors have been spreading around the neighborhood that the city will pick up only a certain amount of the broken branches and trees that fell during last month's winter blast. After that they will begin to charge for any extra amounts.....Oh by the way, they've reduced the trash days to ONE DAY a week.... I tell you these fools get creative to steal tax dollars....

Anyway, I was distracted this week from an incident that occurred at my job, where the jerk that sits next to me put himself in a position where somewhere not as peaceful would have simply whupped his a**. I don't see myself as important or special, yet people seem to waste their time trying to diminish other peoples reputation. I wanted to speak with one of the supervisors at my job about this and other incidents this guy has pulled especially in an attempt to get me in trouble or get me angry and blow a fuse, however,I changed my mind, talking has gotten me nowhere at this place, where people only care about kissing butt and moving up. I feel that the end is near here, and it's just a matter of time.

Then I received my review which wasn't pleasant in any way shape of form, people are trying to convince me that my confidence is lacking, however it's not my confidence that's lacking, it's more that I hate the job period. The whole concept of call centers(although they try to convince us it's not a call center)sticks in my throat, but no one says a thing about it. This place is micromanagement at its worst, and they insist on trying to make it work. Why, because of the execs, and the chance for senior managers to move up, that's why. They don't really care. People's stress levels have increased tremendously and they don't care.

Now this trainwreck that sits next to me is really losing it and it's only matter of time before he either quits or is fired. It was nice to see him lose his freaking mind yesterday when one of the clients called him a liar, which is exactly what he is. This fool got so bummed out he had to take the rest of the day off. He takes multiple smoke breaks and spends about 20-30 mins smoking himself to death, then when he is working, he smells like an overused ashtray,. He talks to people very disrespectfully, and talks about people behind their backs, but it all seems to be catching up to him, such as the case yesterday.

The rest of the day was plenty peaceful and I got alot accomplished. I pray for the day I can walk out of there with my head up high, not giving a care about spineless weasels like this fool who complained and whined more than anyone, but tried to accuse me of having an attitude, simply because I disagree with the direction of the company which I think has hit sewer status right about now, mixed in with the rats and feces that pervade the area. People can smell the funk, but very few are complaining. But complaining really does nothing anyway, as I learned from my last job, so I've learned to look within myself and try to use my talents. Maybe that's why some people don't like others who take chances and strive to use their own resources, whereas others rely on kissing up to other people and stroking egos to get ahead.

In the end it doesn't work, so I refuse to kiss anyone's butt...Besides I know where my sustenance comes from anyway....

Take care.....Love ya!

Oh Pardon my manners! Check out the new piece, I used lots of textures and fabric for the face....I'm falling more in love with mixed media...It opens up another avenue to throw my textures all over the place.....I feel rejuvenated now that I have transportation and I can go visit various galleries....


Friday, February 19, 2010

The Aftermath....Snow in Dallas 2

Peace all.... Got a new blog coming up, but I have to take care of the priorities first, that being looking for transportation and cleaning up this mess from the winter blast last week. Everyone can agree to some extent of the quiet that snowstorms seem to bring, and I got some good pics from this snowstorm, although my memories will be of removing a huge branch from my car(tee hee hee) that few minutes that I had of peace and quiet was remarkable... But all good things on earth come to an end, and this is what remained.

Looks like it's gonna BE FUN!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!!! But at least I have my memories...

That's all you need sometimes...right? Well, time to cut the wood.....Anybody wanna help? Please, pretty please, with sugar on it?...LOL

Take care all......Love ya, God Bless...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Say it Ain't So!

Peace all,

You know just when you think there's nothing that can cheer you up, something happens and BAM you're proven wrong again. Snow has this effect of calming things down and slowing up things, especially living in a fast paced society. The idea of kids making snowmen and snowfights really cheer you up even when you see it in areas like the hood for example. That does not mean everytime it snows there is good in it for everyone, for many are homeless and have no resources. But I'm just saying in my case it was welcomed. We had 12 and a half inches of snow in Dallas, Texas a record. There's something peaceful about the snow, maybe it's because all of the loud and obnoxious people are still inside...lol. If this is the case then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Now I did wake up to a surprise, seeing that a large branch from the old tree had fallen and landed on my car, but that's ok, it didn't work anyway....lol

we'll I had the crew to help me move it, but it took a lot out of my body, I hadn't worked out like that in months! My upper body will be sore for a while now. I may take some more pics before the snow melts, it doesn't last that long down here, so I'll enjoy it while I can....In the meantime take care all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wanderers 8.5 x 11 PRINT



This is a special piece entitled The Wanderers, part of the Lifestyles of the Ignored series. It is a collage of two homeless men who took time out in their journey to just sit back and reflect on the world around them. It symbolizes the reality of those who are down and out. There are wanderers in every city, town and suburb even if they have an address.

You will receive an 8.5 x 11 from high quality ink print on premium glossy paper.

All artworks are packed carefully, and are insured and shipped via USPS,UPS or FedEx ground.

QuwwaArt reserves all rights protected under the United States Copyright Act in all artwork and/or products purchased by the purchaser. The sale of a given artwork does not include any assignment, transfer, or license to purchaser of the right to reproduce, modify or create derivative works of any artwork and/or product, unless such right is expressly granted in writing by Vanhue Davis Jr.
Any violations of the above mentioned stipulations will result in prosecution to the highest possible degree.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enough Already 2

Peace All,

I would like to thank anyone who listened to my show last Thursday night on the Coach K and Angel Show, it was truly a blast! I am humbled by the response and the comments, and I thank God(Allah) for the opportunity. But that takes second stage here for the moment.

January 16th I posted a blog entitled Enough Already, which started as a diatribe on my job, but easily meshed into an attack on how governments used the same tactics to get what they want, taking liberties, invading much privacy and introducing laws designed to "get rid of extremists" but in reality it is to produce a police state designed by evil people to enslave the masses.

Here is a result of what happens when peoples' prejudices run rampant, and fear of something they know nothing about takes over instead of seeking knowledge. A man is now dead and his earthly reputation has been demolished by ignorants who wish to keep the status quo going. What happens when the country they worship and try to protect comes down on them?

Thanks to my brother and FB friend Fateen Abdullah-Pickett who sent this clip. By the way here is something I've been meaning to ask. Why is it that arrests of suspected terrorists and raids on so called extremists organizations are only relegated to local newscasts but the national media broadcasts just the scare? If there was a war on terror, wouldn't you like to know the score?

God help us.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here We Go.

Please join me tomorrow at 6pm EST on The Coack K and Angel Show, as I will be interview by Angel herself. This is a major moment in my life, and I have you to thank.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back at it again.....

Peace all,

Got alot on tap today, but I want to tell you about an event coming up on January 28th, where I will be the guest on The Coach K Nation and Angel Ayes show, an evening show that appears on several nights during the week on BlogTalk Radio. I will be interviewed by Angel Ayes herself, and will discuss my art, and maybe some other subjects as well.

I will provide the link as soon ASAP, or if you can't hear it live, then I will post the archive on my blog as well. I am very excited about this interview and also other events that are coming up. I will keep you on tap.. Special thanks are in order to everyone who took time to visit my world, and took part in commenting or observing my work. It really means the world to me, and I thank God(Allah) for giving me this opportunity to do it one more time. Take care all....

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