Saturday, June 19, 2010


Peace all...

Thinking back to the mid '90s, I can recall getting so excited about the upcoming family vacation to Disneyland. We saved our money to get the tickets, packed clothes and snacks, rented vans for the long road trip, took the scenic route (Very scenic when we got around, the whole nine yards. Rented some condos around Kissimmee, Florida, yeah, we were about to do it up Mickey style. But when the vacation was over, as far as me and my uncle, all we did was go half on a pizza, watch cable, fed the begging ducks who surrounded us at the park bench and sat around the condo while everyone else went to Dizzinyland (incorrect spelling intended). Many people looked at that as wasting money, but looking back I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look at it as one of the most memorable vacations I had ever taken, almost topping that time when my family went to Fiesta Texas and I spent a good portion of the time tormenting those little kids on the bumper cars !!!

Well, Q had to take another one of those wander-off-somewhere-for-no-reason-at-all vacations. Just hopped up, left town and stayed away from it all. Destination not important, and I have no pictures of me with balloons or riding on the roller coaster, no pics of me piggin out at the local restaurant, or running thru the beach like some crazed lunatic to splurge to my fans, none of that! Yes, again I just got away from it all, watched tv, and ate. Yeah, I had some other things planned, but they fell threw, and I did not pitch one hissy over it either, I got the rest that I needed, and now I am refocused.

Some people again thought, ok, you could have done this at home. Really? Sometimes you have to get away from familiarity, but we think getting away means camera, film, the whole nine, now we bring blackberries, and all kinds of things to the vacation, then complain about still needed rest. But I look at it this way, why should I paint the town like a madman, only to come back tired, still complaining of lack of rest just to say "I had big fun?" For the past 3 years, no make that 8 years I have been on a serious rollercoaster ride. Unemployed, stressed, starving, disputes, you name it. This was the first week I had the opportunity to just sit up and do nothing. No facebook, no art, no blog, Nuthin! Just got away from it all. Some people think a vacation or going out of town means non stop partying, whoopin it up, Disco Duck style! lol.... I'm the type that likes to take it down, especially after spending the past couple of months unhealthy and totally stressed out from dealing with this no account job I had. So my apologies to everyone for not bombarding my blogs or facebook with pictures and events of my vacation....But I had fun, and will do it again soon.....That is...

unless I see some little kids drivin' bumper cars ..... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Take care all!

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