Saturday, March 20, 2010

Controlling My Anger!

Peace Yo!

I sooooo wanted to do a blog this week about an incident that occurred this past week and my feelings on the whole thing. Apparently my anger is more deep seeded than I imagined, and I will hold off another week at least. All that I can say is I feel the art world is lacking alot of substance, and I really wonder if there is a wish to develop, inspire and promote new or upcoming artists, or is it just hogwash?

Anyway, although I was tempted to trash the whole thing, I'm back at it again. I'm more mad at myself than anything, but I have to tell you the whole thing, or at least from what I see.

Anyway I am experimenting with watercolors, something TOTALLY NEW for me, well not totally new, but this is my first extended work in watercolors, and it seems like it may be a mainstay in my work now...Cool get away from mixed media and pastels, at least for the moment....(wink, wink)

Anger is not a healthy thing to have....But at times it is needed...You just have to control it....

Hold on y'all...It gets better....Love ya!


  1. Hang in there and keep creating your of luck with watercolor...that's something I have thought about pursuing but never have. One of the advantages to watercolor is that (at least it appears to be) easy to transport for travelling...

  2. Thanx Paula, I love watercolors, but to tell the truth I have always been intimidated with them, usually because I see all of these pretty pictures and I'm like "WOW"..But it's not as hard as first seemed, plus with watercolor pencils and briques being invented it helps me to do what I love draw and paint!


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