Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Me?

Peace all....

It's 8:05am, here I am with this pile of wood in my front yard waiting to be picked up by the shady city department. These crooks are talking as if they're going to charge us extra because of something we had no control over. Rumors have been spreading around the neighborhood that the city will pick up only a certain amount of the broken branches and trees that fell during last month's winter blast. After that they will begin to charge for any extra amounts.....Oh by the way, they've reduced the trash days to ONE DAY a week.... I tell you these fools get creative to steal tax dollars....

Anyway, I was distracted this week from an incident that occurred at my job, where the jerk that sits next to me put himself in a position where somewhere not as peaceful would have simply whupped his a**. I don't see myself as important or special, yet people seem to waste their time trying to diminish other peoples reputation. I wanted to speak with one of the supervisors at my job about this and other incidents this guy has pulled especially in an attempt to get me in trouble or get me angry and blow a fuse, however,I changed my mind, talking has gotten me nowhere at this place, where people only care about kissing butt and moving up. I feel that the end is near here, and it's just a matter of time.

Then I received my review which wasn't pleasant in any way shape of form, people are trying to convince me that my confidence is lacking, however it's not my confidence that's lacking, it's more that I hate the job period. The whole concept of call centers(although they try to convince us it's not a call center)sticks in my throat, but no one says a thing about it. This place is micromanagement at its worst, and they insist on trying to make it work. Why, because of the execs, and the chance for senior managers to move up, that's why. They don't really care. People's stress levels have increased tremendously and they don't care.

Now this trainwreck that sits next to me is really losing it and it's only matter of time before he either quits or is fired. It was nice to see him lose his freaking mind yesterday when one of the clients called him a liar, which is exactly what he is. This fool got so bummed out he had to take the rest of the day off. He takes multiple smoke breaks and spends about 20-30 mins smoking himself to death, then when he is working, he smells like an overused ashtray,. He talks to people very disrespectfully, and talks about people behind their backs, but it all seems to be catching up to him, such as the case yesterday.

The rest of the day was plenty peaceful and I got alot accomplished. I pray for the day I can walk out of there with my head up high, not giving a care about spineless weasels like this fool who complained and whined more than anyone, but tried to accuse me of having an attitude, simply because I disagree with the direction of the company which I think has hit sewer status right about now, mixed in with the rats and feces that pervade the area. People can smell the funk, but very few are complaining. But complaining really does nothing anyway, as I learned from my last job, so I've learned to look within myself and try to use my talents. Maybe that's why some people don't like others who take chances and strive to use their own resources, whereas others rely on kissing up to other people and stroking egos to get ahead.

In the end it doesn't work, so I refuse to kiss anyone's butt...Besides I know where my sustenance comes from anyway....

Take care.....Love ya!

Oh Pardon my manners! Check out the new piece, I used lots of textures and fabric for the face....I'm falling more in love with mixed media...It opens up another avenue to throw my textures all over the place.....I feel rejuvenated now that I have transportation and I can go visit various galleries....



  1. It really sucks when you feel you're stuck in a terrible job. Quwwa, I'm so proud of you reacting (or not reacting) to this fool working next to you. The fact you didn't lower yourself to his level probably got him upset instead of satisfaction.

    New piece is awesome. It has a dreamy yet, surprisingly powerful feel to it.

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  3. Keep ya head up, Quwwa! The piece is amazing by the way!! =)


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