Friday, February 19, 2010

The Aftermath....Snow in Dallas 2

Peace all.... Got a new blog coming up, but I have to take care of the priorities first, that being looking for transportation and cleaning up this mess from the winter blast last week. Everyone can agree to some extent of the quiet that snowstorms seem to bring, and I got some good pics from this snowstorm, although my memories will be of removing a huge branch from my car(tee hee hee) that few minutes that I had of peace and quiet was remarkable... But all good things on earth come to an end, and this is what remained.

Looks like it's gonna BE FUN!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!!! But at least I have my memories...

That's all you need sometimes...right? Well, time to cut the wood.....Anybody wanna help? Please, pretty please, with sugar on it?...LOL

Take care all......Love ya, God Bless...

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