Friday, February 12, 2010

Say it Ain't So!

Peace all,

You know just when you think there's nothing that can cheer you up, something happens and BAM you're proven wrong again. Snow has this effect of calming things down and slowing up things, especially living in a fast paced society. The idea of kids making snowmen and snowfights really cheer you up even when you see it in areas like the hood for example. That does not mean everytime it snows there is good in it for everyone, for many are homeless and have no resources. But I'm just saying in my case it was welcomed. We had 12 and a half inches of snow in Dallas, Texas a record. There's something peaceful about the snow, maybe it's because all of the loud and obnoxious people are still If this is the case then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Now I did wake up to a surprise, seeing that a large branch from the old tree had fallen and landed on my car, but that's ok, it didn't work

we'll I had the crew to help me move it, but it took a lot out of my body, I hadn't worked out like that in months! My upper body will be sore for a while now. I may take some more pics before the snow melts, it doesn't last that long down here, so I'll enjoy it while I can....In the meantime take care all!


  1. Quwwa, you are funny. Beautiful photo and am sorry about your car, but hey, you got a workout out of it... Smile
    Always good to read your posts. Have a warm and quiet day.

  2. Beautiful snow is VERY calming and also very quiet for some reason when it snows...nice, and fleeting at the same time. But not how I picture Dallas, looks more like New England!


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