Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wanderers 8.5 x 11 PRINT



This is a special piece entitled The Wanderers, part of the Lifestyles of the Ignored series. It is a collage of two homeless men who took time out in their journey to just sit back and reflect on the world around them. It symbolizes the reality of those who are down and out. There are wanderers in every city, town and suburb even if they have an address.

You will receive an 8.5 x 11 from high quality ink print on premium glossy paper.

All artworks are packed carefully, and are insured and shipped via USPS,UPS or FedEx ground.

QuwwaArt reserves all rights protected under the United States Copyright Act in all artwork and/or products purchased by the purchaser. The sale of a given artwork does not include any assignment, transfer, or license to purchaser of the right to reproduce, modify or create derivative works of any artwork and/or product, unless such right is expressly granted in writing by Vanhue Davis Jr.
Any violations of the above mentioned stipulations will result in prosecution to the highest possible degree.

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