Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enough Already 2

Peace All,

I would like to thank anyone who listened to my show last Thursday night on the Coach K and Angel Show, it was truly a blast! I am humbled by the response and the comments, and I thank God(Allah) for the opportunity. But that takes second stage here for the moment.

January 16th I posted a blog entitled Enough Already, which started as a diatribe on my job, but easily meshed into an attack on how governments used the same tactics to get what they want, taking liberties, invading much privacy and introducing laws designed to "get rid of extremists" but in reality it is to produce a police state designed by evil people to enslave the masses.

Here is a result of what happens when peoples' prejudices run rampant, and fear of something they know nothing about takes over instead of seeking knowledge. A man is now dead and his earthly reputation has been demolished by ignorants who wish to keep the status quo going. What happens when the country they worship and try to protect comes down on them?

Thanks to my brother and FB friend Fateen Abdullah-Pickett who sent this clip. By the way here is something I've been meaning to ask. Why is it that arrests of suspected terrorists and raids on so called extremists organizations are only relegated to local newscasts but the national media broadcasts just the scare? If there was a war on terror, wouldn't you like to know the score?

God help us.....

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