Monday, May 24, 2010


Although we are grown
And have learned to walk
We still trip, stumble and fall from time to time
Because we are human
The same with life itself
Although we know right from wrong
We still trip, stumble and fall

The goal is not to attain perfection
No one can attain the impossible
Foolish are those who dare try
But the goal is to purify the heart
Before the Inevitable

For as time passes
Life too shall pass
Nothing here on earth is eternal
This is just a brief stop on a journey back

So please while you are on shore
Do not become too enchanted with the glitter of this life
Partake in the sales, but do not let the bargains distract you
Do not become too involved with those who fraternize outside of the boat
The boat will be leaving very soon
And we will all be returning.

© 2010 Quwwa. All Rights Reserved.

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