Sunday, May 16, 2010


Peace y'all,

I want to take time out to just mention a Ning site that meant the world to me, and helped me to regain some of my confidence which was needed at a time when I went out to face the art game on my own. The name of the site was Give Your Walls Some Soul and it was headed by Shannon Grissom, an extraordinary artist in California that I had the pleasure to meet from another Ning site at the time, Iseecolor. Iseecolor was not the medium that I wanted, but at that time I knew of no other site that I could use to expose my art and rub elbows with other artists. There I met Shannon and we traded comments with each other until one day I received an invitation to join her personal Ning site. There I tried to contribute as much as I could and she would make me a feature artist regularly. I met another great artist Janet Vanderhoof on this site as well, but I also hooked up with a plethora of knowledge and advice that helped me emerge into another type of artist. She is responsible for reminding me of artistic license, and giving me the understanding of letting your feelings translate to your canvas. I am very saddened that her site along with others like it are closing down as a result of Nings' changes, but I fully understand her decision and others like it. Although I may use Facebook a lot in many instances, I have always loved the Ning sites, and the opportunities they posed as well. It was just something special about this site. I'm really going to miss it.

Love y'all. Take care.

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  1. 一定要保持最佳狀況呦,加油!!!期待你發表的新文章!.............................................


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