Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's Sweeten the Deal!!!

Peace y'all

It's 1:32pm, and I am shaking like Jello Pudding! Why? Only two weeks away from my Blogtalkradio interview with Tania-Maria Xavier. I am so thrilled and excited, and the opportunity for people to call in and actually speak!

OK, so let's sweeten the deal here. The plan is underway to give an actual pastel painting by yours truly!!! I am working on all of the details right now, and will give you the full skimmy on it ASAP, but the prize for the winner is one of my original pastel paintings, Safe and Sound, a very emotional and colorful piece I made in '08. I am giving it away.


Guess I am, huh?

But here is the deal.
You have to listen to the show either live @ 10:00pm Central, 8pm Pacific and 11pm Eastern, or you will have the opportunity to listen to it here on my blog, for on it will be instructions of how to qualify for the drawing.

More to come later.... In the meantime, take care. Love Quwwa.

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  1. Very cool! I can tell you're getting pumped for your radio interview. I'm starting to send you great vibes your way now!


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