Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby cost BUCKS!!!(Life in Marvelous Times)

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I have a blog coming up but I thought I would send this interesting article out to all of my friends here in Blogland. Take a look at this doozy about the cost of having a baby in America without any means of insurance.

Who would have thought in this so-called "Land of Opportunity" one can be punished for simply being self-employed? Who would have thought that if we choose not to work for the slavemaster corporate conglomerates we give up our God given rights to produce and raise children simply because it "costs too much?" That in this "Land of milk and honey a couple who chooses to raise a family has to think about the cost of raising kids rather than the joy of raising kids?

I've always complained that doctors are like mechanics, they cost too much and they don't fix the problem. Well, this does not help me to change my mind at all. In a land where one CEO of Big Pharma earned over $100 million in profits ALONE and another hundred million in stock returns, one would think that in this land healthcare would not be an issue, but I guess I'm wrong, huh? And don't tell me anything about politicians and promises! As Malcolm X used to stated in a lecture once " All you get is the bill!!!" I am so tired of bills laying on politicians tables that we all know will never be passed...

Anyway, thanks to my Twitter friend @siditty for hookin' a brotha up with this article. And thanks to all of the new people who just hooked up with my site. I do read comments and I do respond...

Take care y'all....Luv ya QUWWA

Take a look at: Baby Cost


  1. Great post.. I tried being self-employed at one point, and it really isn't fair that in order to have affordable insurance you gotta work for the man! That's the main reason I've gone back to a 9-5. Maybe one day I can be my own boss again, but it seems like this world would rather have us all workin like hamsters in a damn wheel, making it very difficult to have real freedom and flexibility in our lives.

  2. True dat, sister, true dat.

  3. Great write up! I completely agree. That's why I have to stick with the plantation gig while doing my poetry and writing on the side. Someday, tho...someday...keep pluggin'. You'll make it!

    Natasha Ramsey


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