Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Special Dedication....

Peace everyone,

It's 5:53pm and although it is about 99 degrees outside, the heat has somehow become bearable(if you can really believe that!)

Anyway, I had planned a break away from the internet next week for the most part, except for checking on email and comments, but things do get a little more hectic than usual, and I can feel the load is weighing in on me, so although I took some days off for next week, I am starting my break today. But while I was at work, I wrote a poem conveying my feelings over the past few months. I send this out as a dedication to those who wish to take on the mission of helping mankind return to their noble state, but continue to fall on deaf ears or wishy-washy hearts. Some people of conscious can feel something is in the midst and are trying to warn the masses which seems to be either in a state of fear, or simply don't care and are trying to distract themselves with consuming material items or partaking in pleasures that really never satisfy, but leave the empty soul looking for more extreme ways to satisfy themselves.

Others are finding fault in everything from conservatives to liberals, to religion to immorality. All of this is false. The problem is that the human being has taken matters into his/her own hands without any guidance from the Creator of this Universe.

Regardless of the circumstances, you must press on, no matter how tired you may be, but it never hurts to express feelings of discontent or dispair, you are after all human. Thank you for reading this blog, I will respond to comments, so please if you have something to say, say it. I'm here. Hope to hear from you on July 16, when I reveal the winner of the Safe and Sound Giveaway on BlogTalkRadio. In the meantime, keep going....Quwwa.


I feel like I can't go on
I'm tired
My heart hurts
My body is tired
Mind is tired
Soul is tired

From living in a world where the make believe is reality
And reality is relative
And relative is the truth
And truth is confusing
And confusion is loved
And true love is hated
And pure hatred is loved
And desires are adored
And the intellect is abhorred

Makes me want to sit down and quit because I'm tired

Using every means of communication from paper, pencil, paint, brush
canvas, telephone, microphone, internet, audio, video
Hoping someone will understand
Speaking to many knowing only few if any will reply
Hearing people tell you they love you when you know they lie

Makes me want to sit down and quit because I'm tired

Of speaking to deaf ears
Of exposing to blind eyes
Of touching bodies that are numb
Of emoting to sealed hearts

Makes me want to sit down and quit because I'm tired

Tired of fighting, arguing, bickering
Hearing that your truth is only opinion
And their opinion is the truth

Heart is closing up
Trust is lost
Pain for the people is getting numb

Feeling is almost gone
Don't wanna do it anymore

But I gotta remember what I am doing this for

Gotta remember...Gotta remember..

Gotta rejuvenate...I can't give up....I can't give up

'Cause life is a test see...And I have no plans of failing.

Quwwa.....© 2009 All Rights Reserved


  1. Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you come back to blogland. Rest and rejuvenate. I know you need it if you think 99degrees of heat is okay. hugs!

  2. Your words beautifully express the depth of your feelings about such weighty issues but being very tired can intensify those insights. Hope you are able to get some rest and see the bright side that's also out there...lucky are a visual artist and you paint with words too!

  3. Thank you very much Paula. It takes those trials to bring out parts of you that you never knew existed inside. Those words give me strength to continue pursuing my dreams. Thank you very much and thank all for reading my blogs.

  4. Holy Snaps!!! You know when I cry, lol, and that's alot...that is the phrase that always comes from somewhere deep in me, and when I say it outloud in the midst of dribble and hurts and sounds foreign to my own ears...I am amazed that I can even be in that much pain and not drop dead of sadness, so to see it here in your like, for lack of a better word...WOW. Many, many kudos for this write. I am sure many can relate to this. BTW...a self taught artist huh...WHOA! I don't know much about art, but I see you have a direct line to God, huh, lol, because those are beautiful!


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