Friday, April 3, 2009

Can't keep a good man down.....

Peace yo!!!!

Check the watch, 4:14pm. Watcha doing? Brainstorming. Bout what? Lotta Stuff. Stuff like what? Oh the usual, life, art, art, life, Fish, oops sorry, kinda hungry(lol)

Anyways, things are picking up here at the lab, especially since hitting up the Give Your Wall Some Soul site. Picked up a few friends along the way, fantastic works abound. Jumped in the middle of some deeped out conversations, even revealed a little scooch about myself. Really picked up the spirits and rejuvenated me. So now I sitting here with some Craig Mack jackin' up the eardrums. Jockin' MY STYYLLLE BOOOOYYYYEEEE HAAAH!!!

Got some things planned this weekend. Got my airbrush back this weekend, and now I have a heat's gone be hot up in here this weekend. Got some deeped out blogs on the way too, but I put them on the backburner cause I'm kinda bugging over this natural buzz I'm on now.

It was very much needed. These past weeks were torture on my mental, and I am the first to admit that I can experience some spats of depression. I don't reveal much about myself except those around my personal huddle(which seems to decrease as time goes on), but one thing I don't do is fake it up with people. I smile so much most of the time most people never know if something is going on with me, but I learned as I get older to be honest with myself and others. So now when people ask me if I'm ok I'll tell them straight up "NO" but it goes no further that. Take this past Tuesday, my co-worker ask me how was I doing, I told him, I'm okay. He figured something was wrong with me, in which it was, but I knew that problems I had he could not help me out with, so I just told him I'm okay, but after I told him that I felt better. At my age for me to sit here and fake a smile while my inner is going outer, or should I say my actions are obviously contradicting my statements is ridiculous. Face your problems head on, I guarantee you your life will be so fulfilling and drug-free, and you will have mucho energy you won't be able to sit still. Like me, JOCKIN' MY STYYYYYLLE BOOYYYEEEE HAAAA! sorry, but this is bangin.

It's ok to be sad sometimes and even depressed, and those who have not experienced these emotions have not lived long enough. It's not whether you become sad, down on yourself or depressed, but like my friend MS. BIZZY says how do you deal with it? Will you deal with it? But just remember life goes on, get back in there and slug it out and make sure God is in your corner. And listen to His Coaching for a change. He(Al-Aleem) knows what He's talking about.



  1. It is so good to hear you having some "up time!" Great that you're all inspired and excited-- enjoy! Go nuts while ya got it! :) I, too, have those times of intense enthusiasm and other not-so-inspired times... think everyone must. Anyway, was good to see you "come by" for a visit. Now I'm off to try to have some serious productive time too! Stay well, sending a smile.

  2. Thanks for finding me.
    Always nice to connect with another artist.
    I enjoy your work a whole lot.
    Keep on being you,and those that are honest(as you are)will come together with your journey through life.
    Much love,

  3. I enjoy an honest post. Love your pastel,too. I'm following now and I'm going to look at your Etsy store. Best Wishes and much prosperity, Sue


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