Friday, April 24, 2009

Can't Run.....So DON'T!!!

Peace Y'all

Yo Quwwa, what's up? You look pizzissed! I am. How pissed? We'll as Comedian Robin Harris used to say, pissed to the highest of pisstivity(lol)!

Tell me bout it.

Okay. Recently I was invited to another Ning site that was created from someone that was a friend on my Iseecolor site. I thought to myself that this was another opportunity to expose my art and get my voice out there. The person had commented on my blogs and gave me the impression that they dug my steelo.

Well last night I decided to get to work on my page, and posted one picture I entitled Down N Out. No sooner as I posted the picture, I received an email from this person telling me to "keep it positive". Now I can admit I can be of one who jump to conclusions(after all I am human) but it bugs me that people's first impression of my work is "depressing" as if I'm trying to dampen people's spirits or something. I guess people are really falling for this "change you can believe in" jazz.

For the record, my work is a simple reminder of those who fell through the cracks of this life, filled with materialism, and the enticing of the base desires of the human being. One should not be so obsessed with obtaining all the toys in this life, for death is imminent. One should strive for that which pleases God. We all know(or should know) that for most of us this life is filled with tests, hardships and pain. I have experienced this in a concentrated form for the past 7 years, but through it all(thank God) I feel that I have perservered.

In January one my Ning sites asked a question about the impact of having a "black president" would bring. Most of the responses from Blacks were that of "it gives the world a chance to see that we can be CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and big businesses" in other words, we get a chance to show America that we are not all "thugs and welfare queens" and such.

I don't have to prove anything to this world about my worth as a God created human being. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself. That I would take the talents He(Al-Khaliq) has given me and use my voice for His bidding.

It is with that in mind that I focus alot of my work on downtrodden and oppressed people. While we sit and idolize the Fortune 500 companies, we simply turn our heads and ignore the Unfortunate Millions that are victims of this Criminal Economy and these Global Gangsters. I try to illuminate them. Give them the honor they deserve.

Through negativity one should try to strive for that which is "positive" but the key here is what is one's definition of positive? I don't believe the love of money is the root of all evil, but I don't believe that having alot of money is "positive" either, especially when those who possess it are bombarded with personal problems that money cannot cure. Take a look at your favorite entertainer, sports personality, or politician and see what I mean.

I try to maintain a balance where alot of people wish to "escape" that which is apparent. I don't mind painting landscapes, still life and such, but in the end, what have I done if that's all that I paint? No offense to those who paint these objects at all.

Let us begin to face our problems head on, whether personal, social or spiritual. I guarantee you the feeling of liberation is great. Beside I have never heard of a toeache or a toothache going away by ignoring it, have you?

Take care everybody...LUV YA!!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by because I was able to follow the breadcrumbs back to your site and discover your awesome sight.

    I do not think your work is depressing at all. I think its powerful, editorial and shows you have a great eye for composition.

    Have you thought of trying to paint some of these scenes? I especially love the "going to sleep" one. If you know how to draw, which you obviously do, you can paint.

  2. Thanks for following my blog.

    Love your work and your words here. I'm adding your blog to my feed too.


  3. I love your work. I believe that in everything that is ugly there is beauty that everything that is bad there is good like yin and yang. I can't ignore one for the other it all means something. Thank you for following my blog. Keep doing and creating what moves you not what people want. Isn't that what makes an Artist? The way they see things! Namaste Tara

  4. Sounds like they may not like Picasso's Gurenica or many of Frida Kahlo's self portraits...there are other sites out there. I admire that you sometimes paint the seemingly nameless and faceless in our world. It makes us think...and I think that's a good thing. It may not be for all venues, but that doesn't mean it's not important.


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