Monday, April 20, 2009


"The Victory is almost here, it's like we oh so near, but the object is to show no fear."

Peace yo,

That's a line from a song written by Craig G and KRS ONE. But for me I would definitely count this past weekend as a victory. Why you ask? This past weekend I submitted five works to a juried exhibition to be held this August. The results will be made May 15th. I am nervous but excited. The reason why I counted this as a victory is because this same time last year I made excuses as to why I did not submit anything. I knew the event was coming but procrastination and maybe even fear prevented me from exposing my art.

But this year was much different. I guess I can call it a sense of urgency. To tell the truth I am bushed from all of the work, but I feel as if I am running on pure adrenaline now, no energy drinks(yay for me) and no caffeine, just pure excitement. I had planned to put some of my older works in the package, but I felt it would make me look one dimensional as a lot of my older works deal with the homeless. These two pictures included in this blog are an attempt to attain a little more diversity as they deal with emotions. I have others in the works but these came to mind. The first piece I called "This feeling" and the second is called "Always something" Both were completed in the course of two days. Yes y'all, I works hard and fast when it comes to my expression. Not much time is spent which is fine with me, I like minimalism. That explains me, nothing fancy, just a subject and predicate(lol)

I was very nervous, and forgot to include contact information and a resume(as if I have one to begin with) with my package but the director gave me a card with contact information and assured me that a resume is only referential, and this exhibition's primary purpose is to gain exposure for new and up and coming artist. YEAH!!! That fits me to a tea!!! I only have GOD to thank for this, for giving me the courage to even go and make an attempt. I realize that all He asks for is to make the attempt,to show your sincerity, and He will do the rest. I am a firm believer in that.

BTW, My sister left the hospital this past Tuesday, and I went to visit her Friday. She is doing better by the moment.My prayers are with her to get back in the classroom and do her thang, as she is a teacher who helps young single mothers obtain their high school diploma. My mom informed me some of the students came to visit her and told her they did not go back to class after she left. My sister in her limited speech told them to go back. She has really inspired them and her strength inspires me too.

Thanks to all of the well wishers and new followers of my blog. You do not know how much I love you for your prayers and encouragement.

Love you and take care y'all, we are just getting started up in here!!!

Now it's time to go to SLEEP!!


  1. Congratulations!! Doesn't it feel good?? ((hugs)) :-))

  2. Congratulations on submitting the pieces to the juried show and very best of luck throughout the process! I know from personal experience that this is no easy task but I believe it is worth the effort and it is always exciting. Your work looks intriguing and I look forward to checking in to see it. Wishing a full and speedy recovery for your sister and sending many prayers her way. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  3. I love the artwork! Good luck with the exhibition, and it's great to hear your sister is getting better. I will continue to pray for her full recovery. Oh, and I absolutely love the instrumentals on your blog!!


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