Saturday, October 17, 2009

When The Shoe........(IS THIS MIC ON?)

Peace everybody,

It's 8:19pm, and I am wrapping up the art part of my week(sigh) to get back to this other part.....(more sigh)....

Anyway I have a few more things in store so stay tuned....But in the meantime while thumbing thru the blogs that I removed from the other site, I ran across this one about the swine flu and the attitudes of the American public, which seemed to have been one of jokes and puns about pigs and swine and pork, and the list goes on. Now that the shoe seems to be on the other foot, what is the attitude of Americans now? Where are the jokes now people? HELLOOOO!!! IS THIS MIC ON?!!!

Arrogance is a mutha..... The thing about arrogance is that the person does not seem to get the fact that he/she is arrogant.

Here is the edited version of the blog....Peace y'all. Love ya.

The Worst Kind of Death

Peace y'all

I know it's been a loooooong time( well actually a month is not THAT long) but when you start something, you would like to finish it. I started this blogging thing on my site, made some friends and contacts, and in the process people also got a chance to see another side of what I be(lol). I have been a very busy camper the past few weeks and blogging has been on my mind. Trust me, there are PLENTY of things to talk about, but not to the point of stopping my painting and just putting my feelings out there. That is until I saw this stupid picture from an email sent to me at work.

To me this is indicative of what this country is about. Arrogance and ignorance. No one can deny that the people in America have good qualities, but for a person on the outside looking in what does he/she see? Out of the hundreds of people in Mexico who lost a loved one to "swine flu" how does it feel to listen or see Americans make jokes about a tragedy?

The past couple of weeks we were bombarded at home or at the workplace with either fears of a pandemic, or jokes that reek of "better them that us" . I was hit with both, as people at work people joked of the swine flu, some people made insensitive comments about Mexicans( but hey I ain't got a racist bone in body!) Then I checked Twitter only to see people with same stupid jokes such as "swine flu is the past tense of pigs fly" nonsense. This past week on an all-talk sex(sorry) sports radio show some idiot went on and on with a barrage of swine flu jokes. But when the shoe was on the other foot, such as the Dallas Cowboy employee who is now permanently paralyzed as a result of the practice facility collasping in Valley Ranch, we heard no jokes, instead I heard "it is sooo tragic." So let me get this straight. One American permanently paralyzed is tragic, but 200 Mexicans dying from the flu is a new monologue for any stoopid wannabe comic, or village idiot.

That's us ain't it America? Make jokes of other countries' cultures, tragedies, still calling them Third World Countries( as if there are no ghettoes or poor people living under bridges and in tents in America) Yet when we hear comments from other countries about problems in America we blow a fuse. We go into this state of denial. For example we hear about rowdy, drunken fans who tear up the city after a Super Bowl or Championship match and immediately drum up riots in London after soccer games to minimize the fact that this country has a serious maturity issue. Our favorite TV shows are CARTOONS like South Park with old goats doing little kid voiceovers, The Family Guy, the Simpsons, my God, FOX TV at one point had a Sunday prime time lineup of CARTOONS (oh but they are for "mature audiences only).

Give me a break.....

Our denials remind me of a drunkard who swears up and down that he does not have a problem, and if he did have a problem he could quit at any moment. Like I just said.....Give me a break.

While the American people make jokes about diseases in other countries we should be very scared. Our habits, oh sorry, our "precious free way of life" has produced everything from breast cancer, fibroids, lung cancer to STD's and even impotence(but hey thank God for Viagra!) We forgot about Desert Storm fever( and for a long time the government forgot also) and the growing rate of autism found in kids from being poked over 50-60 times before they reach the age of 4 or 5 with vaccines that don't work. We have the largest rate of suicides in any "industrialized" nation, but we want other nations to be "industrialized" like us. The rate of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia in this country is staggering.

News Flash: Alzheimers is not a natural process of growing old.

Stress should be our middle name.

While those few hundreds of Mexicans die quickly from swine flu, millions of Americans die from the worst form of death, a slow torturous death. The worst part is to die and not even know your dying. To be a victim of your own undoing. To revel in your own ignorance.

But hey!! God Bless America right? More like God Help America.

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