Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do I Look Deterred?(Contingency Plan)

Peace all,

This is starting to be a recurring song, with me trusting people to assist me in this endeavor, only to find something different after looking deeper into the matter.


Oh, let me explain. The Down Here On The Ground art exhibit was supposed to be a collaboration with a certain non-profit organization whom I will not name here, however due to constant stagnation and other things that I saw that I felt was not in the best interest to do a joint venture in this regard, so I shelved the project.


Without going into too many specifics, I found it hard to keep communication with certain individuals regarding issues such as providing proof of non-profit status, which became a tedious task, and led me on many wild goose chases to obtain simple but pertinent information needed to request space to hold this event. Last Friday was the straw that broke the camel's back. After setting up a meeting with this person, I could not get a handle on the whereabouts. This individual told me that he would be at his office. So I hopped on another train and went out of my way to meet this person at the office. When I got there no one was there, so I waited for 30 minutes, then I left a voicemail that I arrived and was waiting for them. I have yet to receive a reply or response from such individual, so what am I to do, continue dealing with this situation? The message I want to give is way more important here.

I wanted it to start in my part of Dallas, and then we were to make rounds in numerous libraries holding this event, giving people a chance in the southern sector to witness a cultural event and also obtaining much needed knowledge regarding local events and organizations whose intention is to help citizens, especially lower income citizens to learn about programs that assist with immediate needs as well as reconnecting those who were in the prison system with their loved ones. But alas, it looks as if that won't happen, due to many issues that I won't go into right now.

My heart goes out to those who try to create and galvanize efforts in their communities, but continue to run into some sort of stumbling block, beit lack of professionalism or lack of scope of the part of people who claim to share your vision. Especially for independent artists who already have mountainous hills to climb, and virtually very little or no support from anyone unless some celebrity cosigns on their work.

But hey, I have a contingency plan here, so no need for the boo hoo. That only wastes time...I'll keep you abreast God Willing...Just consider this a temporary setback. Like the multitude of others I've had....LOL....Love ya!

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