Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Like...WHOA...AGAIN!!! (CWATIC 2)

Peace all,

I thought I'd come back with the quickness, seeing that I did not fully explain why my latest proposed exhibit Grey Matters is being pushed back, but really the news is great, and it could really lead to something else, God Willing.

I wanted to push the project back due to an event coming March 17th that I feel very honored and priveleged to partake in. On March 17th, Staff Sgt. Homer Hogues, one of the original Tuskegee Red Tails will be speaking for about an hour at the Highland Hills Library. One of the librarians, Ms. Almetta Russell, had been pushing very hard for this to happen, along with being an avid supporter and lover of my work. She finally got the go ahead to produce this event, and in the process she has commissioned me to present a piece in his honor. I felt this was a great opportunity to build bridges, educate and pay respects to someone who contributed a great service.

Then last week while at home recovering from some sort of sinus attack, I received an email from her, requesting that I exhibit my work in addition to presenting a piece to Staff Sgt. Homer Hogues...

WOW!!!! Here was an opportunity to remix the See What I See(CWATIC) exhibit to another audience. So I'm back at the lab again, concocting some pieces that I feel best represents the community, and expanding my scope as well. I'm looking at this as a bridge or a prelude to the Grey Matters which I hope will bring a lot of different perspectives to the project. Plus I have other projects coming up, hoping to raise some funds in order to publicize Grey Matters much more intensely...

Things have been picking up since last October when I started this exhibit thingy, and I have some very special people to thank...You know who you are...But I also want to thank those who continue to take time to read about my little world...Thank you so much...I pray there's more in store....Peace.

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