Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chat with Quwwa 10/03 by AngelAyes | Spirituality Podcasts

Good evening all...over the past few weeks I said I was working on something and would clue you in on the situation. Well there's no better time than the present. Currently I am in the process of creating my own podcast, entitled See What I See, or cryptically entilted CWATIC. It will be a show loosely based on what motivates me to paint or speak about issues the way I do. Containing thoughts, reflections, commentary, opinions, all of that. Kinda like a behind the scenes thingy with the artist, but I also plan to have guests, interviews, and much more. Here's a brief 30 minute conversation with someone whose contribution to this project is so instrumental, putting up with someone like me is not easy... My friend Angel Ayes, whose tolerance, support and guidance in this is immeasurable set up a brief discussion on her show. Sad to say, I took over the conversation, based on the seriousness of the topic. In any event, listen, and comments and constructive critcism will be valued's high time I became a little more vocal in this place. Enjoy! heart emoticonChat with Quwwa 10/03 by AngelAyes | Spirituality Podcasts

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