Saturday, June 4, 2016

What's Good For The Goose...(More Sick Puppies RE-EDITED)

Just when I thought I was finally over with the One Sick Puppy blogs, another incident to use as an example pops up. I guess that what happens when you're dealing with one sick puppy, huh?

This incident involves a 24 year old female teacher who recently turned herself in to authorities after fleeing, following allegations that she not only had been having sexual relations with a 13 year old male student, but was impregnated by him until recently aborting the baby.

It seems the teacher, who taught at a middle school in Houston, Texas, had been having sexual relations with the student for quite some time, even at the cognizance of some fellow students, as well as the parents, who supported the relationship so much so they even allowed the teacher to come and pick up the boy (because that's what he is...a boy) on occasions and spend the night at her house, in order to take him to school the next day.

But again, we took the allegations against Bill Cosby and Afrika Bambaataa,  broadcasting them nationwide, and presenting them as some twisted form of promoting some type of dialogue aimed at combating sexual abuse, misogyny, and other forms of sexual deviance, as if only men, or Black men, are capable of committing such unscrupulous acts.

I noticed the reactions from most of the people, and didn't bat an eye over the fact that very few, if any of the comments used words such as pedophile, predator, molestation, rape or assault in such an instance. Such words are not commonly used in cases where women are the accused. Those words are usually reserved to be used as ammo in the gender wars, mainly perpetuated and propagated by the modern-day feminists, designed to give the impression of victimization at the hands of the brutal, savage, male and his hetero-patriarchal empire that he designed and imposes on the masses of the people.

Just as bad was the response by some of the men who took one look at the photo, and gave the teacher a pass. This type of response is a reflection on the state of the modern day male(not man, but male), prone to look at things from a superficial perspective, being at least influenced, if not addicted to different levels of porn, and being conditioned by a media flooded with sex, sports and superhero movies, giving him at best a jaded look on life. This is the same media that is now promoting the girl-power anthems (especially Beyonce and Black feminism) that Kay Hymowitz, author of Manning Up: How The Rise Of Women Turned Men Into Boys goes into discussion in her book.

Some of the people tried to use twisted logic in this instance, citing laws regarding permissibility for one at such a young age to marry as a way of justifying such a relationship, yet how many of those people would consent to such a relationship if the situation was reverse?

Take a look at what happened last year when ex-Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 48 years old at the time,  was charged with serving alcohol and having sex with a 15 year old boy, carrying a 15 year maximum sentence, with no mandatory minimum. What was the result? She basically gets probation, spending every other week in a work-release detention center. What are chances that she will be labeled a sex offender, and treated in the same respect as men who are convicted? Phrases such as molestor and statutory rape seem to elude situations that involve women.

Back in the day when the preponderance of evidence suggested men were more susceptible to commit such acts, it was much easier to sling terms and phrases like rape culture around, but now we are force to look at the fact that rather than labeling this a rape culture, we have to look at the reality for what is really going on. The increase in incidents like these are indicative that we are living in an over-sexed or a hypersexed society, not a rape culture. Incidents like this only give a reflection of where our priorities lie in this society, where true feelings and emotions are caste out, arousal, lust and desire take center stage, and one night stands and booty calls become mere corner talk. Where sex and love become misrepresented and redefined to a point where no one can tell the difference between the two.

This is a culture that finds nothing wrong with the concept of casual sex, as long as one uses protection. A culture that sexualizes everything from sporting events to even religious holidays. Halloween nights are now filled with grown-up women dressing as French maids, hookers, vixens, promiscuous nurses, and the like. A culture that attaches the words porn and gasm as suffixes to practically anything from food to shoes, such as the Facebook page entitled Shoe Box's Porn, a page cluttered with some of the most outrageous shoes created, usually seen on some of the most raunchy of women.

A culture like this cannot ever foster healthy relationships between men and women, but contribute to the growing divide between the sexes. Men and women will always look towards each other in disagreement, based on media-induced propaganda designed to keep the two at odds. The never ending cycle of hurt and mistrust will engulf the masses, and the masses will continue to tread the path of hurting each other, and all that will be left are damaged goods, trying the make the best of a bleak situation.

The advent of "sex-positive" feminism does nothing to help solve this issue, with women now being encouraged to "redefine" and "embrace" their sexuality, influencing other women to adopt this schizophrenic notion of being sexually liberated, while maintaining their "dignity", intelligence and "respect". As long as the woman seems to be in control of the situation, like feminist pornography, they see nothing wrong with such issues. Many Black feminist see nothing wrong with the popular TV show Scandal, although they speak of man's misogyny, patriarchy and such, yet the idea of a White married patriarchal figure having an affair with a Black woman seems not to bother them, as long as they feel that she exudes some form of perceived power.

It must also be noted that such situations like these should not in any fashion be taken as some badge of honor for the young man, or BOY, who through the act of sex can simply misinterpret what being a man is as simply being able to sexually satisfy an adult woman, nor should it be taken as a rite of passage for a young man. Such acts can cause as much psychological damage to the young man as to a young woman, regardless if the woman is willing and attractive, and the parents give consent to such activity.

On a side note, it should be duly noted that those who show disdain towards the movie Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song, starring Melvin Van Peebles, along with the writings of the late author Iceberg Slim, particularly the autobiography Pimp: The Story Of My Life should at least recognize the fact that despite the graphic sex and violence, and the portrayal of pimp life, both narratives started with a common theme not usually talked about. The sexualization of a young boy at the hands of an older woman.

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