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Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Creepiest October Yet

Untitled painting by the artist, Quwwa Davis.

After becoming Muslim in 1992, I stopped celebrating the usual holidays and certain cultural festivals. I figured October wouldn't have that same creepy feel or atmosphere, since I no longer participated in Halloween festivals, both on the job and at home.

Yet another form of creepiness has started taking place in October that seems to get worse every year.  One that has devastating and frightening effects on society, and unlike Halloween, is far from fictitious.

It seems to have started before the turn of the decade,when the NFL jumped on the "humanitarian" and PR bandwagon, and decided to promote Breast Cancer Awareness to its fans, by making the players add pink to their usual attire....

Let me pause for a moment to let that sink in. So the NFL took the opportunity to publicize its support for Breast Cancer Awareness, a condition mostly experienced by women, who at this time only made up a small fraction of the fan base until 2009, and even to this day has very little to no female personnel on the field, by making the team players add the effeminate color of pink to their attire.

Then the field began to look increasingly pink in hue. 

This also allow the NFL to promote Breast Cancer Awareness by selling pink NFL paraphanelia to its patrons.

One would begin to wonder since this is a sport dominated by males, shouldn't the NFL at least provide some sort of balance by promoting prostate cancer as well? It's only logical, but for some reason, they've failed. I guess they figure the only thing men should be concerned with is erectile dysfunction, but even that's gone now, since Viagara and Cialis have pulled out of sponsorships due to loss of patents.

So I sit here, years later, still trying to make the connection between breast cancer and tossing a football around a field, and trying to avoid getting clocked by a 250-pound linebacker who runs a 40-yard dash in 4 and a half seconds. My primary conclusion seems to be to tap into the largest consumer bloc in the world, being that of women.

My one sole consolation in all of this is that I no longer had to watch Jessica Simpson prance around Texas Stadium and abroad with that God-awful Pepto-Bismol Tony Romo jersey. Good riddance to both.

Image result for jessica simpson pink tony romo shirt

But then it got creepier, as the Ray Rice/Janay Rice debacle in 2014 kicked into overdrive, causing Ray Rice to lose his livelihood and be stripped of his constitutional rights of not being punished for the same "crime" twice by the tyrant and protector of feminists' interests, commissioner Roger Goodell. But that didn't matter, nor did it matter that Janay instigated the altercation by spitting and hitting Ray. The only thing that mattered was that Janay seemed to have started something she could not finish.

The NFL announced in October of 2014, primarily as a response to 16 female senators and other womens' groups trying to throw their biased and partial influence around, it was adopting a "No More" campaign, where NFL players this time had to appear on a series of commercials taking a stand against "domestic violence", which is really a code phrase for violence against women. The month of  October is now also recognized as well for violence against women, or domestic violence. In addition to having a pink ribbon to commemorate BCA, now a purple effeminate ribbon is now introduced.

Never mind the fact that a growing amount of studies show the rise of abuse of men by women. Forget studies showing that a growing number of altercations and domestic abuse are instigated by women, the only concern is what happens to women.

The No More campaign had some very head-scratching moments, to say the least. My biggest question was what in God's Holy Name is Ice-T doing on such commercials? Mr. Ice "Mutha-F***in'" T, who introduced himself as "The L.A. Player" on his first album "Rhyme Pays", who cites the late pimp and author Robert "Iceberg Slim" Beck as a main influence, whose songs about sex and women would make Tipper Gore's face turn red with rage, is now concerned about "domestic abuse?" Wow.

Image result for ebony magazine bill cosby cover

Then in October of 2015, Ebony Magazine tried to get into the act, amidst multiple accusations of sexual assault against comedian and TV star Bill Cosby. They conveniently used the month of October, designated as Women's month, as a springboard to promote a November 2015 issue entitled The Family Issue(s). Yeah, I'm scratching my head at that propaganda move to this day. But it also gave a chance to show-off the new editor-in-chief and self-proclaimed black feminist Kierna Mayo, as she took to national news to discuss the edition with other White female journalists, who obviously threw softball questions at Kierna, all designed to not only subtly implicate Bill in the accusations, but to generalize ALL BLACK MEN as monsters and predators, and to subvert the traditional definition of a nuclear family, which included both a mother and a father, and the father is normally the head of the household.

Suddenly October no longer seems like a month to promote the overall well being of women, but to scandalize and propagate feminists' man-hating notions, and promote power trips by using issues such as sexual harrassment and assault, street harrassment, rape, and the totality of no good men. October looks less like a month of preparing to dress your kids up like ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks, and more like a male witch-hunt by malcontent feminists.

But October of this year has been the creepiest yet, especially in light of the sexual assault allegations of film mogul Harvey Weinstein. With numerous charges  and allegations being levied against Harvey, two of the craziest incidents occurred. 

 The first concerned Donna Karan, the famous fashion designer, who briefly added in a short interview that it is women's responsibility of how they project themselves in public, which opened the floodgates of howls, boos and hisses from the feminists. Donna apparently broke the first feminist commandment;

Thou shalt not hold women accountable for anything bad that happens to them. It is never their fault.

But Donna has an undeniable point here. Women are responsible for how they project themselves. Yet these feminists continue to feed their foolish desires using irrational opinions, trying to assure women that sexual harrassment/assault is an issue of power, and not of declining morality, in which both men and women have aptly contributed to. 

We just witnessed a sickening social media challenge taking place, where women appeared on social media, rapping about what extremes they would go through to get some d**k. Some of the participants were of dubious distinctions, some had their careers started by being in sextapes, some were single mothers who had babies by different fathers, all contributing to rhymes describing what lengths would they go through for some sex. The song itself, sung by a rapper name GameOva Reedy, which which is so raunchy that it's not worth repeating, but is also worth noting of the another popularized song from the same area, entitled Monkey on tha D***K

Image result for monkey on a stick image magnolia shorty

The other incident involved this ridiculous #metoo campaign, where women who were victimized by sexual assault/harrassment/rape posted their experiences on social media to a broad audience. Why this was done was beyond me, for as I stated in a blog of 2016, courting public opinion is not always a good thing to do in this society, and in many cases will come back to haunt, such as the so called War on Drugs, and the War on Terror. Well now add the War on Men to that list. 

Using Harvey's allegations and President Donald Trump's comments, feminists used these men, as well as Bill Cosby, and other male public figures to suggest that sexism and assault/harrassment are issues of power, and not of declining sexual mores. That's why it's important to them to leave out the male counterpart narratives, because it exposes their faulty logic. 

Many women became upset at the fact that men were trying to chime in on this silly social media campaign, and some publicly showed their disdain towards such a thing, but the question is why? Why are they so hellbent not to include the male counterparts' story, whether it regards domestic violence, rape, or any other trauma women wish to claim only they suffer? 

Why do they always refer to these things as issues of power? Do they not realize it does not take a person of power/influence to sexually violate someone, nor does someone have to sexually violate a person to wield power or influence over another? So when these female teachers are seducing young males into having sex with them, where is the power dynamic in that? 

They know those theories won't hold water. But they also know when a person is emotionally vulnerable, it does not take much to make them feel good. Just boost their self-esteem, even if you have to LIE. 

Tell them your clothing does not make a difference in how you are perceived. They'll love to hear that, even if it's not true. Never mind the fact the man has seen MULTIPLE IMAGES of women in provocative or scantily clad clothing, which obviously is going to have an effect on his perception of women in general, especially in Western societies. Just assure them they are not accountable for any degradation and decline in society. It's all the man's fault.

Then to cap it all off, a female judge overturned Ezekiel Elliots' injunction, and ordered him to begin to serve a 6-game suspension for charges he continues to deny to this day, and despite refusals to indict from the Columbus, OH police department, to the findings of the investigator that Goodell personally employed, not only has he ignored those findings, he even withheld the investigator from attending the final decision, he and his connected friends have deliberately railroaded Elliot, all for the sake of keeping some malcontent women off his back. 

That letter must have really spooked him.

I know October has spooked me in ways Halloween has failed. I pray I can survive the next October. Only God knows what's in store.  

Untitled painting by Quwwa Davis

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