Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everything Has Its Rights(Lessons Learned!!!)

Peace y'all

It's 11:44am on a Tuesday morning, I am usually at work stressing out, but due to a change up in scheduling last week, I had to work last Saturday, which I am usually off. This could not come at a better time, because it gives me a chance to rest up(yeah right!!!)

This past week was so overwhelming for me as an outpour of comments hit my Iseecolor page, as well as this page. I can't believe that someone has "tagged" me. So I have to come up with 7 things about myself. Very interesting. I count it as a blessing that someone wants to know about me.

But this past week I made a huge mistake. I made promises that I was not able to keep, and left a lot of people with unanswered email, and a blog that has yet to be presented. Although people told me to take my time and let it flow, I pressed myself so much, that my severe cold resurfaced. I told my friends I will have a blog by last weekend, which was one of many promises made, in addition to racking my body and brain with a hectic on the go schedule, so as Sunday approached, I felt my chest tightening up and my coughing became uncontrollable. This cold has lingered in my system for over a month now, and I still have not sought any rest to regenerate my immune system, a great blessing given to us by the Creator.

So now I am ashamed to explain once again why I have not delivered as forementioned, due to taking on too much. I realized I put a lot of pressure on myself, or should I say unnecessary pressure. My friends have been very patient with me, and I thank them for that. I got caught up in the vibe and emotion, and in the process forgot the rights that my body has over me, which is less stress, proper food and exercise, and rest and recuperation. Many things we take for granted in this Bluetooth Society( I will explain that one day!)

So our priorities are screwed to say the least. The most important things like God, family, justice, physical and mental health gets lost in the mix, or we focus on one thing, but other things are neglected. Most of the time is it our occupations or careers that take precedence, as we become "workaholics", but there are other extremes we take. For example in this society people spend oodles of hours in the gym getting their body in the best shape possible, but most of the time it is so they can put on that swimsuit in the summertime. An increasing amount of people are getting into shape physically, but when it comes to mental health they are mental trainwrecks, who can't hold a decent conversation with a person without becoming graphic and vile. Our on the go, overly social lifestyles has caused other things to be neglected which will catch with us one day if we don't stop. I'm glad all that I have is a severe cold. It could progress to something worse, if I don't pump the brakes.

Everything has it rights, and if not treated properly, will begin to protest. The human body is a loan from God, and He has created certain properties that will falter if not treated properly, and the end result will be obesity, cancer, aging, autoimmune diseases, you name it. No Justice, No Peace.

Moderation is the key.....Love your craft, but don't make it your life.
Take care.......

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  1. Soo sorry to hear-- DELAY tagging for as long as you need!! Or... forget it if necessary. Really. I, too, have been feeling overwhelmed by all the different directions of pull lately and all the internet's constant up-keep, so I understand. :)


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