Thursday, February 19, 2009

TAG!!!!(I'm It!!!!)

Peace everybody,

It's 6:44p and I just came from work with another episode of the uncontrollable coughing. This is the end of the work week for me, and I plan to spend the remainder of the week in bed. But I wouldn't feel right at all without doing something for my friends out there in cyberspace. People have taken time out of their lives to look at lil' ol' me and listen to my rants. While I'm talking about rights, my guests have rights over me too, ya know. So let's do justice.

OK, I've been tagged by Beholden here, which means there are 7 things I must mention about myself, and in the process tag 7 others to do the same, so here I go. If you find yourself sleepy after the first 2, I take full responsibility(lol)

1. I am an information addict, which means when I want to express myself in blogs, art or what have you, I feel I have to back it up with a truckload of facts and information. Documents, documentaries, radio, I love it all!!!! I don't read books, I eat them!!!!Lately I have been abstaining from the bookshelf, but thank God for audiobooks, I have about 3 sets in my vehicle right now!!!

2. I am allergic to salespeople. Nothing personal, I know you're doing your job, but I can't stand salespeople walking up to me asking me if everything's ok. I have had so many bad experiences with salespeople trying to bait and switch me, now when I see a salesperson, I literally runaway. They usually come up to me and offer something and they will not quit. Anything for a sale. I am a CSR myself, but I've worked in places where we were told to use "soft skills" to sell something, although we worked in a helpdesk. Go figure. It's kinda like a car insurance agency trying to sell you motor oil.

3. I have this strange jones for Blue Bell Fudge Brownie Nut Ice Cream. I like other kinds, but this one here is too addictive. I have been known to eat 3/4 of a half gallon in one sitting, which presents two problems, which I won't begin to mention(lol)

4. In the early to mid-eighties I was a serious DEVO nut! Well what's wrong with that? A lot when you live in the hood!!!!

5. My ardent desire is to hit some of the poorest neighborhoods in the world and soak up the atmosphere and put their stories on canvas. Places like Jamaica and Egypt, where the economy is based on swaying tourists, while local farmers cannot even sell their own produce, due to the oppressive International Monetary Fund and World Bank ventures. Look at a documentary called Life and Debt, and you will see what I mean.

6. Although my art may not show depictions of this, I am actually Klutz Deluxe. I have scars on both hands, and two toenails that were removed to show the proof. Note to Self: No matter how bad you wanna roller skate, wearing skates 3 sizes smaller than your actual shoe size is not a smart move!!!!(Don't ask why, OK? I was young at the time)

7. I am a very goofy person, who laughs at his own jokes, hey somebody gotta get the ball rolling...I say this because I know my pictures show otherwise, but that's something I take seriously, and maybe one day those people can smile like me. I hope I can contribute to the cause.

Well, I have to get in the bed now, but I will tag 7 people soon. Thanks Beholden, I truly treasured the opportunity. Take care y'all.


  1. Yeah that Mongoloid is the jam!!!!!

  2. And there it is-- I'm glad I tagged you, I really enjoyed getting to know a bit of the other side (you're right, from your work you would not see the funny guy laughing at himself regularly). I, too, am sick of being asked if everything is ok by sales people who don't care in the least if ANYTHING is ok... expect them getting paid. Yuck. I quit a job once over being pushed to sell when I, like you, felt it was innapropriate and out of place. I'm with ya! Anyway-- really glad you shared. Thank you.


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