Monday, August 3, 2009

ONE DAY.....

Peace y'all

It's 6:42pm, and my heart is heavy. Too much pain... Can't explain it...But a poem came to me as I saw one of my pictures.


One day I will be able to laugh
One day I will be able to smile
One day I will be able to love

That day is not here now
There's too much pain
Too much sorrow
Too many tears
Too much crying

One day I will look back at all of this hurt
All of this penned anger
All of this anxiety
All of this worrying
And look at it as a bump in the road

To get where I want to go
I have to endure this
It is the trials of life
But I know God is with me
Because I'm still here
Still loving life
Despite the pains of loss
The pains of being deceived
The pains of being hurt and criticized
I'm still here
And one day this will be no more
I will be able to discard this mask of pain

The few smiles I have now are only an appetizer
One day I will smile so much my face will seem permanently fixed
And the only tears will be tears of joy.....

Victory will be mine...One day... ©Quwwa 2009 All Rights reserved.

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