Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enough Already!!!

Peace y'all

Well today I almost lost it! That's right, Q went off and just started spittin' what he felt. Normally I don't do tangients and tantrums(hey that sounds like a great title for a rap album!)but this could not be held in. I have been working at this glorified craphole for almost 3 years and I have heard every weak excuse this side of 9/11 as why I have yet to see a raise(as well as the workers as a group)among other insults to the intelligence. Now the latest crop of doo-doo that was thrown to my team was that we are solely responsible for losing $120,000 to a client who refuses to pay for support, or lack thereof. This little red-headed rodent with a God complex basically held us responsible for why this penny-pinching hole-in-the-wall corporate client does not want to pay, yet would not admit that this faux pas was the product of the companys' failing attempt to restructure, streamline and introduce substandard micromanagement tactics designed to take advantage of employees' fears of losing jobs and allow these bite-size tyrants in the upper offices to increase their pocketbooks.

People have been buttered up and down like corn on the cobb just to work here, then once they bring them in, they ring up the most despicable excuses as to why they won't receive a raise, and it's always the employee's fault. This is a sad state of affairs when hard working human beings are stripped of their dignity and insulted with lies. Just tell me you are going to jerk me, don't lie to me, because one day they will lie to the wrong person.... so do you still wonder why some people go postal? Who wants to devote their hard work and sweat and for some people loss of family time just to be discarded like a sh****ty diaper?

It won't get to that point with me, for I know where my sustenance comes from(Ar-Razzaq), and it didn't come from these fools. It was already written, I'm just playing the part. But for some poor flag-saluting, FOX News watching, God Bless America and forget everybody else-sentiment-having sap, to have this happen and watch his beloved country transform into a corporate-ruled tyranny, this should drive them batty. What gets me is that people see this nonsense, and do nothing about it because somewhere in the deep dark unused portions of our brain, we still believe this is the best country in the world. Every day our liberties are being taken and every excuse there is some "foreign threat" that seeped into the hallowed landscapes of this country and are now plotting to take over, giving rise to the need to restrict movement and speech and this need to send forces out to combat the threat. But the real threat is internal, but we accept this and say stupid stuff like I don't mind having some of my liberties taken to ensure my freedom.


The same tactics apply at the plantation(workforce), people are having their movement and freedom restricted over bogus excuses, but here we let it happen. This spells nothing but trouble for the American. What will it take before we wake up and see who is really behind all of this, whether it's the job or the world as a whole? Tell you what, it definitely isn't a rag wearing Arab sitting in the cave with a billy goat as his only immediate friend cookin' up some scheme to rule the world!

God Help Us......


  1. Don't worry....stay strong and everything will be alright. Keep smilin', never let 'em see ya sweat and do what's best for you! Oh, and as far as that "rodent" goes...don't you know that rats run when you shine some light on them??? Shine you light!!! :-D


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