Sunday, February 20, 2011

...All I want is some innernets!

Peace all,

Let's get right to it, OK? First things first. The interview with Angel Ayes has been moved to March 7th, which gives me more time to work on my presentation, which seemed to be sorely lacking, thanks to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web.

The story goes like this...Being able to square up with some of my debts gave me the ability to seek retrieving my DSL internet back, only problem was I had switched numbers and phone companies, and you know how the monopolies go, right? I mean they swear up and down that they are no longer a monopoly, but the little companies who are only there due to deregulation from the government are still unable to be fully effective for their customers, especially when all they offer is dialup! OH BOY!

One provider says they have service for my current number, then calls back and says we are unable to validate the number, since it belongs to BLAH BLAH and BLAH, so after I sqaure up with the phone company and get a switch date, these people tell me it will take 3-5 days to validate, then another 3-5 to activate, oh these are business days too!...I searched different wireless providers figuring I would take a walk on the wild side so to speak, but that was harder than dealing with DSL...

Moving right along, I had to square up with my old provider, then re establish my account, then VOILA, RIGHT? WRONG! I spent time after time trying to contact different DSL providers, whom none could not give me any straight answer on regaining some access. The previous DSL provider, who was pretty decent if I say so myself could not validate my number, although it was the same number as before, then they told me they would have to send a new modem due to the possibility of the one I have now may not be compatible...Uh huh...

I was able to speak with my friend recently, who assured me it would be no problemo on the date change, so now it is March 7th...Hope you tune in, never know what could happen....More to come! (IA)

Take care...

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