Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...Dreaming of a White Super Bowl

Peace all! Hope you had a very Merry Super Bowl! I wish you all nothing but the best this holiday season! LOL

This holiday season was somewhat even more special, being that the festivities took place in Dallas, Tx, my hometown! That meant the city had to be decorated from head to toe in the latest holiday decorations!

A lot of money was thrown into making the visitors get that good ol' Southern Hospitality...Where they got it I don't know, I can't even get a receipt from my local library showing the return date on items I've checked out due to cutbacks in the city!

Even building that were not completed construction-wise took part in the festivities!

Then we had a nice little winter storm which almost made it a White Super Bowl...I can hear Bing Crosby singing now...I'm Dream-ing of a Whiiiiiite Super...oops wrong lyrics.

The winter storm caught everyone by surprise, even the electric company, who issued a winter emergency on Wednesday, asking mainly residents to shut down their electricity for a few hours! Wouldn't have been much of a problem, but I seriously doubt Downtown Dallas with all of its top dollar paying visitors were affected by this strategic move...

Unlike most winter holidays this holiday does not have a food drive, but people are driven to a food frenzy by all of the advertisements to party up and stock up...Friday evening was torture just trying to get some basic necessities for being bombarded with the chips-and-dippers and the beer guzzlers and wine suckers all scurrying about, in addition to the rough traffic from all of the snow and ice. I just wanted to get enough food to last through the next week...LOL

When it was all over the the buzz was filled with complaints about people not getting their seats, the failure of the transit system among other things, giving Jerry Jones reason to issue a public apology. Poor thing, he's had to apologize a lot this season, especially for the sadistic pay of a team he'd hope would be the home team in this year's Super Bowl. In the end, he'll make out big, just like the NFL, just like every bar in grill in town who overpublicized the event, and just like all of those corporations who wasted up to 3 million a pop for a 30 second slot just to show an ecstasy induced rapper advertising a car, an old cut-up face woman advertising a web hosting shop with a name that reeks of pornography, the never ending potato chip commercialism, among the other jokes that make up this feast called the Super Bowl, event in the first place.

The only ones who don't benefit are the citizens of the host city, who watch these corporate monsters claim local pride, only to move the stadiums to out of the area to the suburbs in the next 20 years, only after they've booted residents out and bought up the area to build stadiums with corporate kiss-ass suites.

In closing I think back to last years' Super Bowl between New Orleans and Indianapolis. One was sure that the Katrina tragedy would be a storyline used to show how the city of New Orleans "overcame" adversity, but in the end Katrina was hardly mentioned, if it ever was mentioned at all. No memorial for the victims, no mentioning of the many residents still living in FEMA trailers being threatened to leave the trailers. Just "WHO DAT?"

Do these teams really represent the cities?

Happy Holidays Y'all...

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