Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Do It Again...(Feb 22, 2011)

Peace all...

This is beginning to get serious here, I mean Q actually has 6 blogs in one month? LOL

Sitting here, watching Stand and Deliver and Lean On Me...For inspiration or kicks? You

Anyway news from the homefront. I have another interview on BlogTalkRadio with my friend Angel Ayes of the Coach K and Angel Show. The last interview which took place over a year ago was so much fun and my friend Angel who was to be the initial host had something happen to her, and she was unable to attend the show. Coach K filled in for her and it was an exciting show. I was able to hear from some supporters and it was something to behold. I was able to expound on several issues. This time I'm slated to speak about the importance of visual art. I hope to do well.

Things are picking up for me, hoping to get some normalcy real soon, and hoping to get some DSL REEEEEEAL SOOON!

Take Care...Love Ya!

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