Monday, January 17, 2011

Universal Truth

Peace all, I kinda kept this blog under wraps for a few days and almost decided to shelve it, but things pop up and well, ya know, you blow the dust off the ol' bloggy and copy and paste! Simple as that!

Got more things in store so stay tuned, oh also gotta tell you this story, it's from the so you think you have the power?

Today after a great frolick through the fields and a brisk walk through the 'hood, I came back home to find the recruiter from my job called, wanting to speak with me. I called back and left a brief message to call me ASAP. A few minutes later the recruiter called stating that she had bad news, referring to the new job position that I was slated to start this Thursday. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the class was completely cancelled. TWO DAYS before I was slated to appear! In the meantime I am going to take another test this Friday, hopefully I will pass the test. But you know the Q by now, right? It's time for ME!

Until next time, enjoy the blog...Peace!

Peace all,

It's 5:29 am and I am up doing a blog? Another one? I just completed a blog a couple of days ago and now I have another one? What is the world coming to? LOL

Anyway, this one is kinda different because it involves a recent occurrance where one of my Facebook friends made a comment that I took exception to. The person made the comment praying for women to have elder women counselers because as she asks "why do we continue to ask men for counsel when they have no idea what is in our hearts?"

I immediately replied that Truth has no gender, and while I believe women should be educated and knowledgeable, it should not reach the point of feminist slant, for that will only cause more problems. I will not go into definitions of feminism in this blog for that is another topic althogether, my main issue here is Truth.

Then the question was asked to the men, "what is it I said that was offensive to the men who replied?" which I immediately countered that I am not offended but I do take exception to the statement made. See people have tendencies to make statements out of emotions without checking for full content. I was raised mostly by my mother, most of my early life teachings were from my mother, not my father, who worked constantly during my childhood years. He taught me some things however became disenchanted with alot of decisions I made before his death, especially my choice of Islam. I have no physical blood brothers at all, and grew up for a major portion of my life playing with my sisters if my male cousins or male friends were not around at the time. Yes, I know what it is like to play with paper dolls at an early age, cutting out pictures from JCPenney and Sears catalogs, cutting up boxes and converting them into houses and cars. I played jacks(bald headed baby) and so forth. Most of my memories of family have to do with women. Grandmothers, aunts, great grandmothers and so forth. So most of my upbringing was around a female environment, and truth be told, many African American men can relate to my story in one way or another. This is one of the reasons I continue to be on lookout for the welfare of my mother and sisters despite my fathers' death. No I don't know everything that goes on in a woman's heart, but shouldn't we all be searching for that same Truth, that Same Reality, or is their a Feminine Truth and Reality somewhere that separates women from men although we claim to be human?

Truth be told I have counseled many women on issues in the past and some have sought out my assistance in matters from Islam to marriage and so forth. So you can imagine how I felt when someone makes such a blanket statement as this.

The more I think of the human being the more frustrated I become. This enigma called human being continues to open itself to many contradictions and inconsistencies. We raise the banner to one fight, and ignore another fight of similar circumstances, yet we call ourselves fighters and seekers for Truth and Justice. Our prejudices ooze from cracks and crevices we either don't see, failed to see, or ignore completely. Our specific rants which may hint to discrimination becomes law and Absolute Truth is mere opinion and propaganda. Yes I do believe in Absolutes, and no I am not a Sith.

Truth has no gender, race, age bracket, social class, or tribal affiliation, for Truth comes from the One Who created all of these things, but try telling that to the human being who makes statements such as "With age comes Wisdom" completely ignoring the crimes and atrocities created by elder statesmen, or "It's a Black thang, you wouldn't understand", ignoring the worldwide oppression of other peoples and in many cases buying into the propaganda created by imperialistic factions. Or the many statements some females use to separate humanness from their male counterparts or males who perpetrate the same offences. Different perspectives does not amount to different Truths, does it? To me, it's either Truth or Falsehood.

Frankly put it doesn't matter to me what kind of counsel I get, I've heard both sides and I've heard counsel from my elders, some of them who still called me boy as is I'm not a grown man. I have also been pretty much cast aside by family member who have encouraged the dissolving of my family, basing their conclusions on slander which they have refused to recognize their wrongdoing and have yet to acknowledge their wrongdoings. Female counselers may I add, who have suggested to these things not based on Truth but conjecture and other sicknesses in their hearts. In the end it's not about a black or white, or male and female, or rich or poor thing, it's Truth and Falsehood, well at least that's the way I look at it. Different perspectives is great, but last I check it's still the same road.

So you can keep your specific desires and requests. Just give me the Truth, it's all from God(Allah) anyway.

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