Monday, January 10, 2011

Back on my BEAT!

Peace All,

Sometimes you have to play the game injured! And that's exactly what I'm doing now, taking pictures of reconstruction in progress on a bum hip that I hurt, or should I say reaggravated while doing laundry last weekend. This sucka hurts soo much that raising my back while getting outta my bed is excruciating! Yet I got my gameface on, and the camera's in the bag and snap city is now in session! Although I can't quite sit up in a continuous manner to draw anything, I took the opportunity to venture outside and WHOA! SNOW!

News Flash! Snow in Texas! Again! Not as bad as last year when I woke up only to find a large branch resting comfortably on my car! LOL

I took my injured behind outside and walked 'til my heart was content. It's something about snow that makes the whole neighborhood seem so quiet and peaceful. I thought about things and new approaches to my work.

In the evening time I'm relaxing with different teas mixed with Green Tea. Today it was cups of Ginger Twist and Peppermint mixed with Green Tea. I'm sorta going back to my old ways of relaxing with teas, getting into a certain relaxed mood. Plus I'm getting my Kefir on, getting different flavors to keep it interesting. It was a very important part of my regiment in my quest to get back into tip-top shape...

Taking things one day at a time and one step at a time. Getting back into the flow.

Take care all...

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