Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just For Kicks!

Peace all...'s 8:34 in the morning, got a new mixed media project I'm waiting to dry(textures can be soooo funnnn!) and I needs my bowl of cereal! Found the Granola at the store, and it's time to dig in!

Anyway, this small bloggie is dedicated to twelve of the most important individuals a person can ever have...Yeah that's right, the infamous ten toes and two feet. I mean without them one can not run, walk, jump, kick somebody in the booty, or any of those marvellous pastimes without some assistance from technology, which just doesn't have that natural feel, especially when it comes to kicking somebody in the BOOTY!

Anyway my high-top Adidas went sour on me, after travelling several miles on foot...Soooooooooo. I had to get some more comfortable shoes, realizing shoes made for basketball just don't cut it when it comes to walking...I think I now know the difference....LOL

Anyway check out these shiny discoesque running shoes I paid for. Although some say the shoes are not that bad, I felt uncomfortable putting these shiny shoes on, and developed nicknames like

Well after putting them on one time I felt the difference...So it maybe goodbye basketball shoes and hello running and walking shoes...At least until I get on the court....Do yourself a favor...Treat yo' toesies right! Peace.

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