Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Laying of the Hands

Peace all,

Real quickly...Been very busy, my apologies for no blogs recently, several things popped up and had to tend to some personals. I am really excited about the future of RealQuwwa.com and the up and coming events in store. It's just getting started.

In the meantime I'm getting ready to unleash my latest in works entitled The Hands On Collection. It is a collection of shirts and apparel designed by yours truly, coming out very soon. Gotta get the slides and the ads down packed so I can present it to you only the way Quwwa can...LOL...Here is just a tidbit sample of what will be present on http://realquwwa.com.

This is one of a few string backpacks I have worked on, and more to come. The ideas are just coming up from all over, and there is more in store so stay tuned. I have to go and calm down now from the biggest caffeine buzz I've experienced in years...Thank you cappucino!

Take care all.

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