Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Making Conversation

Peace all,

It's uhhruh 12:53pm here in Texas, heat is not as bad as yesterday, but can I fully enjoy the beautiful weather? Well not exactly...I have a bad case of the scratchies from these chiggers while sitting on the grass a couple of days ago...It's all good though, nothing that a nice hot bath won't cure, God Willing. Just need to stock up on the repellant because it could be one of those interesting summers here. Already experienced a couple of tornadoes, the last one came a few days ago, more scary is the fact they are coming more frequently in the nighttime, making it much more difficult to see anything on the outside. This one here came with much hail that rocked the roof here...In the final analysis, a total of eight tornadoes swept through the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area, rocking areas and even hovering over the downtown Dallas area, where the heedless all play...I'm scared to think what could become of that area should one touch down...Thinking about the tornadoes that rocked Joplin, MO, where one of my friends who just moved to this area lived. At the present 139 killed...Is there a message behind all of this? and more than just a call to go green, which I think is kinda like past that stage anyway...I mean I believe our abuse and misuse of things do have a part in this, but I just think we can't expect to alleviate the situation with abstaining of radioactive waves and aerosol cans and plastics and stuff...I believe it starts in the hearts of man....Change that first...I believe this Earth is in good hands and can always be repaired, remember we didn't create it anyways...But I'm just making conversation...

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